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June 8, 2010

last night i went to see a psychic.  i had driven by her blinking florescent lights in this funky neighborhood 100s of times and never stopped.  i didn’t know anything of her and i wanted to have a reading done by someone with a good reputation.  in hindsight seeing a psychic is pretty much a random drive thru regardless of their perceived reputation. 

as we got out of the car we took notice of the blazing bbq pit emoting a charred fragrance.  it seemed we were just in time for dinner.  “don’t knock” my friend said, catching my arm and pulling it away from the door.  “use the buzzer.”  a man answered the door, asked us if we had been there before.  my friend nodded yes, he asked us to come back in an hour and closed the door.  sensing our hesitation he reopened the door and said 15 minutes might be ok.  determined to know our fortune, we decided to wait it out at the drinkery nearby. 

i’d heard good things about the cocktails at this bar.  we found those good things to be true, and strong.  45 minutes later and half buzzed we went back to the psychic.  with only $20 left in our pockets we opted for palm readings instead of tarrot.  i went first.

“your heart is good.  very healthy.  no heart attack, no cancer, no disease.”  (umm… thanks).  “you will live until 96.  your man, 91.  you’re a writer.  you could write a romance novel.  hahahahaha  you should.  oooooh yeah.”  (oooooh yeah?)   “you’re a teacher!  what’s this?  you’ve been a teacher in many lives. ”  (ummmm.)   “you have kids with this man?”  (man?  no, no kids yet.)  “you will.  boy!!!”  (i love boys!)  “yes!  2 boys and 1 girl.  hahahahahahaha”  

doing ok so far.  i find her laughing kind of fun.  she’s quite lovable actually.  i wanted her to tell me more.

“your soulmate is in your life now.”  (great!)  “i see 2 men.”  (not as great…)  “the one who is stable.  he’s always around.”  (yes!  great.)  “and the one who is all over the place.  he’s funny!  hahahahahaha  yes, funny man!  he’ll never change.”  (haha.  ha?)  “you should pack your suitcase.  be ready for his every whim.  hahahahahahaha  he’ll drive you mad!  he’ll never change.  he’s your Soulmate.”  (ha?)  “get rid of the other one.  the one who’s always there.  break up with him.  chase the other one.  he’s your soulmate.”  (haaaaaa… ppppppppthhhhhpt.  think it’s your turn, friend.)  “you like to drink hahahahahahahaha”  (nice one!)

great advice, yes? 

i can’t explain it but i find her to be such fun!  i still smile b/c she’s so adorable.  i sort of want to go back for a tarrot reading.  HA! 

but the advice.  really?  soulmate is a funny word.  so trendy even.  like the word “spiritual” and “connection.”  it’s interesting to observe the posturing with these words.  driving away my friend spent a few minutes considering the puzzle over who is my Soulmate.  all the while i felt unaffected and amused.  i think that’s the answer.  and it’s probably no coincidence i bought myself a pendulum when i purchased her birthday gift earlier in the day.  i had one up on the psychic.  i had already asked the pendulum about my relationship.  ha!!!

what a fun night! 

P.S.  heart wrenching sadness over the headline “Should we euthanize oil-soaked birds?”  let’s not talk about it, ok?  does anyone else have childhood memories of having to remove tar from their feet after trips to the beach?  ahhhh the life of a gulf coast child.  yikes.  and why do i feel so compelled to go to the ocean right now?  i haven’t wanted to go to galveston in at least 15 years.

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