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Dream Lab – come play!

June 15, 2010

today i remember the feeling that hooked me to yoga.   i feel strong, balanced, open and light.  i finally made it to the Forrest Yoga class i’ve been eyeing.  slowly some feelings of normalcy trickle back into my life after those unforgiving weeks of insomnia.  it’s taken 6+ weeks to near recovery!  yuck!  there’s no more stark a wake up call than insomnia… well, unless you count a certain telephone poll that collapsed atop of maxi.

these days i’m sleeping hard and dreaming hard.  the dreams have been furious and erratic and i’m super glad they have returned.  i need to dream.  it was dark to live without dreams.  and that’s kind of how life felt for a while – yuck! 

there have been a few dreams in particular that are particularly stark.  one involved a friend who lives in Dallas and my yoga teacher.  i remembered some of the bizarre events of the dream but not the reading recommendation until a girlfriend came over a few days later with this book.  as she started telling me about it i instantly recalled the author’s name, not knowing where i had derived the information.  i was sure i had never heard of the book and it took me a while to recall it from the dream.  i could only remember the image of the person who told me to read it, my girlfriend suggested i search my dreams.  ummmmm…?  yes, i will read the book immediately. 

i recently dreamed about AP.  it was a highly emotional dream with vivid imagery.  i woke up shattered at 2 a.m (consistent w/ my insomnia patterns).  it did not keep me awake for too long as i shifted back into dreamland with more restful imagery.  this dream revisited me in savasana as we closed out our yoga practice last night.  think that’s a good thing.

i have enjoyed recapturing my time now that my teacher training is complete.  this past sunday felt like my own again.  i enjoyed my new pattern of leading a 9:45 vinyasa class, coming home and listening to This American Life as i prepare my tofu scramble brunch, and then catching an afternoon snooze before i tended to the house and the Sunday Stock.  it was really lovely.

i know i need to continue to rest.  i also want to do so in a manner that supports rejuvenation of my creative flow.  my dream feels distant, undefined and impalpable.  my biological clock is going through another “on” phase after a long enjoyed “off” period (yes, i did just go there even if single women in their 30s aren’t supposed to).  that statement alone probably summarizes this entire post, and so does this one – Things. Are. Stirring, folks.  i don’t want to get lost or lose the roll in my direction, and i don’t think i will. 

i’ve been wondering if i should sign up for an art class this summer.  or finally take that sewing class.  attend a lecture?  try out a dance class?  circus yoga?  maybe so, yes!  so long as it isn’t too structured or requiring much of a time commitment (like, beyond 2 hours)…  hmmm… maybe just that new yoga class this week (wink, wink).  

today i stumbled upon a project called Dream Lab.  it’s refered by an acquaintance* whose blog i stumbled upon at random chance today.  here’s what excites me about it:

We asked ourselves what class we most needed to take the answer was obvious– We needed a summer! We needed to learn how to play, to rest and to be kind to ourselves. As we thought about it more, we realized that these are key ingredients to manifesting dreams but they were glaring holes in our curriculum.

This is the thought that inspires me to no end: What would happen if we set aside our lists (our goals, our drive, struggle) for eight weeks? What would shift in our lives as a result of radical acts of play? of kindness? of rest? What would this clearing create space for in our hearts and in our lives?

i can’t wait to find out either.  the experience begins June 21st.  do you want to join us?

Mondo Beyondo Dream Big

* i want to send an email to this chick without being all weird and internets stalker like.  her email addy is on her blog, so is her full name, her photo and many details about her life so her identity is not trying to be kept anonymous.  what should i say in my email to her?  here’s what i got so far (paraphrasing):  ”  hey, we met at once before at X Event.  i stumbled upon your blog today and i think you’re cool.  i live nearby and also like yoga.  want to be friends?”  HA!  help!

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