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cherishing a moment of pure happy

December 4, 2009

this morning i had a perfect moment of joy.  i had gotten up early to help a dear friend get to the surgery center.  after dropping her off, i had almost an hour before picking up my boss and heading to work.   i stopped at a coffee shop nearby his house, ordered the biggest coffee i could find (why don’t they serve coffee in gallons on fridays?) and found a cozy chair to curl up with the last 50 pages of Quantum Healing.  the clouds have been gorgeous this week, with snow anticipated for today.  another good friend is in labor.  i looked up to see a man sitting with his daughter (8 y.o.?) nearby.  after settling in with their coffee, milk and donuts and chatting a bit, he pulled out a book and started reading to her.  it was a beautiful present unexpected, unplanned moment.  it brought tears to my eyes, and a place of serenity to acknowledge yet another week of awesome and amazing surprises. 

last night i drudged myself to another event.  i say drudged b/c dangit i’m tired.  i’ve had something planned all but 1 night this week, which was actually a planned night but the weather was so bad it took me home, cancelling the plans.  i’ve decided that instead of trying to lessen my schedule, i can probably instead increase my energy.  i am enjoying so much of everything everywhere, so long as i’m doing what i love, i don’t want that to change.  i know there is a way to squeeze more energy out of my diet, i will take a closer look. 

the event was a mayoral runoff candidate meet and greet with the city’s greenest city planning organizations.  our organization managed to become a co-host with four other fine groups.  you know it’s a good event when every single candidate in a group of 12 makes a point to show up.  the room was full of innovators and positive vision.  the spirit was contagious.   i was so happy to be one of the new kids there, and loved how the room was looking to the people my age to self create and dream big solutions.  it’s our world to make better! 

i walked away from that event with something else added to my schedule: my first very own kids yoga class to be held at an urban nonprofit community farm next saturday!!!  um… kids yoga at the inner city organic farm, seriously?  there’s a drum circle, seriously?  yes indeed!!!!!!!!

this week i have been considering intelligence (book report to coming soon).  i had no idea that we use such a small capacity of our intelligence.  even Einstein’s brilliant mind is estimated to have only utilized 15-20% of his intelligence.  wow.  i am also learning about anatomy and physiology, and quantum physics.  me, connecting meaningful thought with those biology books i could only become frustrated with as my poor teachers tried to engage my attention with them in grade school.  i am beginning to find articulation of the mission of my business.  in this, i have added 4 more books to my progressively longer reading list.  3 books about Gandhi and Mandela’s autobiography.  i have 2 friends helping to photograph headshots of me.  i have 2 friends helping to create and design my website.  i have an article that is being published, with a request for more.  it’s amazing how much a week can bring when i’m conscious of being open and surprised, letting go of limitations and considering ways to keep giving in the energy that is supporting me. 

i have been thinking about bigger questions.  to me, thinking outside the cage means to question the paradigms that stand in my way.  i have been living this in seeking to understand myself.  now i’m blessed with opportunity to take that further, to push my intelligence, continue to grow.  i believe in a shift.  i can create and become everything that is.  that blows me away, every time.

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