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Bono wrecked my MOFO

October 15, 2009

Bono, you crazy, inspiring, humanitarian You… you messed with my MOFO!  if i hadn’t fallen madly in love with you last night, i might hold it against you that the world stopped when you hit the stage, and a MOFO post went missing.    jeez.  please. do. it. again.

bud up bup bup ba buuuuuuuuu… you got me stuck in a moment…. and i can’t get out of it……….

errr something.  who knows, i was too busy dancing and singing and tearing up in sheer awe of something so great.  how do i love the passionate, philanthropic type. in your honor, and to win back the love of the MOFO, ahem, i say let’s make little irish vegan babies!

then, and only then, will i share my Black Bean Yummers with you, but keep your guitar jamming hands off vegman’s tequila, k?  them are fighting words.


essentially, what you see is this recipe, which i ABSOLUTELY LOVE, and is generally a party pleaser so long as i don’t use the word “hummus.”  i don’t have much new to add to that recipe other than mad love for it, and another hefty thanks to SusanV.

however, i learned one new tip this last time i made it so i thought i’d pass on.  i brought fantasia to a casual afternoon gathering where the plan and easy meal of DIY sandwiches.  it was an informal deal of friends and fun.  delicious on its own, ya know.  one great thing about DIY sandwiches is that we can score with a range of tasty breads and good veg, and if its a really good day there are olive relishes alongside.  boy was i in luck with the offerings at this partee!  my friends are great so i had no worries.  obvs i skipped the cold cut, and instead lathered up my bread with this bean dip, then loaded up on lettuce, tomato, onion, etc.   MMMMMMMMMM.

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  1. October 15, 2009 4:31 pm

    I’m sure my quartet of Irish vegan babies would love the black bean hummus!

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