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vegman weighs in

October 5, 2009


today i offer you words from a Vegman:

Vegman goes to Veg-Heaven


There I am.  Alone.  I stand on my toes in this mysterious foreign land.  Strange and carnal smells waft across the semi-vacant rooms, and the lives of men could be said to ride upon those flittering wisps.  My life, it would seem, is the rider.  The wisp is a pale horse named seitan.  I feel as if I am among the Mongol hordes about to partake of a meal before battle, and it must be satisfactory or we shall all surely perish at the hands of the Roman legions.  But, all things are not as they seem, and this grandiose vision transmutes into a sweet, charming candle-lit dinner with your gracious host of this blog.  The seitan was fantastic but what I truly remember were her eyes. 


So, I am not a vegan.  I know, it’s hard to believe!  But true.  When I met Miss K (as I call her on my own blog) I was not unaware of veganism, but was oblivious to tasty vegan dishes.  And, wow she can cook them!  I am reminded that creativity really can overcome both habit and real material issues regarding food preparation.  If the food tastes good, and it’s also better for your environment and community, then what’s not to like?  I confess I am still a bit carnivorous – my body becomes sickly if I cut it out altogether.  However, what I have done is greatly reduce my consumption.  Not everyone is bred to go all-vegan, but you can still make a difference with your food choices.


Miss K has refreshed my natural instincts to provide proper care for animals, even if one does not wholly take on the vegan diet.  In addition, I have been shown that veganism (and pseudo-veganism) can be delicious and healthy, and it does not need to consist entirely of tasteless vegetation that even a goat wouldn’t touch.  I am often reminded though, that the wider world views veganism as: impractical, expensive, trendy and tasteless.   But, this can be overcome one good cook at a time!


Overcome, just as I was overcome one day with unbelievable scents from the kitchen that lifted me from my feet.  And so, I floated, mesmerized and unable to turn right or turn left.  Following the scent, I came upon a door – two doors, between two worlds.  Standing, or rather still floating, I perched upon the precipice of past and future.  Grasping that I should neither fall back nor proceed into the forbidden realm of unrealized possibilities, I sat.  Slowly, I opened my eyes to discover a feast had been prepared.  A great and warm light splashed across my face.  Miss K was there with tofu bagel tasties, and I with my camera in hand.  And, I tell you, it was heaven.

up and coming… more Vegman Special MOFO Photos !!!

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  1. fortheloveofguava permalink
    October 7, 2009 10:39 am

    beautiful lady… so right…. all about personal balance…


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