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texas veggin out days

October 2, 2009


there’s got to be one good reason for me to be singing Texas country and eating at buffets.  yes, indeed.

tonight i dined at Pepper Tree Veggie Cuisine with Society of Peace for Texas Veggin Out Days.  we had a huge buffet of fresh, 100% vegan dishes.  it was primarily all veggies, not loaded with tofu or faux meat dishes like i feared.  i think i ate an entire plate full of kale, broccoli and green beans.  i was a sucker for the mushrooms and spring rolls too.

there was a brief discussion about the animal rights aspect of Veganism, reminding us of the 56 BILLION animals who are slaughtered each year for human consumption (not counting aquatic life).  while i consider myself primarily persuaded in the Enviro-Veg variety, i also love the animals and i found that stark fact strike extra sad tonight.  sad, yes, until i consider that each veg meal eaten makes a difference.  what is it now 450+ VEGAN MOFO blogs?!?  WHOOOO WHOOOO!

what’s also sad is that i also learned the Boy Scouts are selling hotdogs as a fund raiser.  wow.

so i get on my soap box derby for a moment:  just as a fish is not a vegetable, the fact that something is edible does not make it food.  this real truth is probably one of the things i love most about eating vegan.  when i stopped eating meat and dairy, i started looking at foods differently.   i was forced to reconsider processed foods.  i couldn’t help but want to understand all of the sources of my foods and their composition.  as it became abundantly clear a couple of weeks ago, suddenly my refrigerator now contains very little beyond real foods that come more directly from the earth.  to sum up everything i’ve learned in just a few words, the less artificial intervention, the better.  hot dogs: 100% intervention, bad.

as i dined with my veg foodie friends tonight i joined conversations about the abundance of amazingly great foods that veganism has introduced to our lives.  things we never even knew about under a conventional American diet (or “SAD” diet).  there was no mention of burdens or frustrations in food limitations.  nah, why would there be?  that seems to only be a conversation i have in SAD restaurants, where there is rarely a fresh vegetable on the menu.

Houston has a fairly good selection of veg restaurants.  Pepper Tree is a great one (even better if next time i can bring booze).  Society of Peace has an awesome calendar of events.  in the MOFO’n spirit, i will commit to exploring more of this.  there are 2 Raw Potluck dinners at one of the most awesome coffee houses in Houston and 2 Organic Raw Cooking Classes, which you know i need badly.  i could certainly use more time in my life to Veg Out, so this will become my Out to Lunch MOFO theme.  in making the decision about tonight’s event, i did go partly because it seemed like the right place to be on the first night of VEGAN MOFO.  of course, i signed up as a volunteer and talked up my environmentalism, so all the more reason.

VEGAN MOFO, you’re already enriching my life (and my calendar).

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  1. fortheloveofguava permalink
    October 7, 2009 11:03 am

    amen sister! 🙂

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