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comfort fuel

September 24, 2009

tonight, a few things in food news.

i was sick a couple weeks ago, which made me realize i have nothing in my kitchen for sick days.  no canned food.  no canned soups.  no frozen entrees.  no frozen vegetables.  apparently i don’t buy these things anymore.  where i go wrong is that i also do not freeze reheatable leftovers.  you might remember my mention of mexican restaurant beans and crackers?  um…. yeah… i definitely need some hearty, healing, homemade stocks in my freezer.

in walks VEGAN MOFO goal.  and i guess a theme: “The Sunday Stock” (the preferred choice over “Freezer For Fueling Flu,” though i like the ring to that one too).  brain is cooking on some good theme ideas, guys.  still looking for suggestions too.

i figure the Stock Theme goes well with what i do on a regular basis.  part of what makes healthy eating easier for me is to make a vat of soup or beans or whatever strikes my fancy every sunday night so that i’m stocked up for weekday lunches.  i’ve probably mentioned that before.  this helps me not spend money on eating crappy food.  there really is very little health to be found in restaurants near my office so it’s a big bummer to not have brought a lunch.  i’m not sure which i loath more spending money on crappy food or eating crappy food.  a bad combo any way you slice it.

this week i made the old (black bean) standby.  i didn’t make it for groceries last weekend so supplies were interesting.  my black beans were more like a vegetable soup of celery and corn with some beans and jalapenos.  different from my normal garlic, onion, chili powder kind of black bean.

tonight i wanted something nice and comforting.  it’s been a whirlwind of a week.  work has been work, where once again it was reinforced that personal development is against company policy.  my body is worked from all the yoga i’ve been doing.  more insanity from Co-officing Chatter and Coco Loco.  brain’s been spinning faster than i can keep up with in Dreaming Big land.  my hippie gear has shown up – yeeeeeeeeeeeee!  it’s been a mostly good, full throttle week.  and tomorrow…. sigh …. tomorrow!!!  mom and i head to the country for the fair.  SO EXCITED.

back to the food…

i’m way out of groceries but managed to come up with these tasty enchiladas:



Inside Tortillas:  my tasty beans & boiled russet potato cubes

Outside Tortillas:  Isa’s cheezly sauce & chopped pickled jalapenos

Baked 375 for 25 minutes


even though i only made 2 enchiladas, i had way too much.  this became my first Freezer Fuel.  i’m hopeful it will reheat fine.  it reminds me of the way my college roommate’s mom would cook casseroles and bring them up to us to stock our freezer.  those were some feel good revivers, just like these enchiladas.

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  1. fortheloveofguava permalink
    October 1, 2009 10:09 am

    nomnomnom ENCHILADAS!!!

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