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hug that chicken

September 21, 2009

this weekend was filled with Bliss, as my friend is reminding me here lately.  we saw some outdoor symphony.  vegman met the family.  we laughed until tears were rolling down our cheeks and my girlfriend was snorting to the tune of the picalo.

the food has also been outstanding.  i took Snobby Joes to Grandma’s – so tasty.  i made it Texas style by throwing in a fresh jalapeno, a few dashes of red wine vinegar and quite a lot of habanero chile sauce.  OMG, i could eat this for a week straight and not get sick of it.  i also made Krys’ Mushroom Curry.  MMMMMMMM, i love this dish!  two great finds to add to my rotation.  yea!

while i didn’t get any pics of the food, fret not dear friends, i have other cool things i love to share.

on saturday i toured the school where i am working on my permaculture project.  check out the melon i found:


hooooolllllllllaaaaaaaa.  as you can see, this school has many a good things going on.  i am working on an irrigation design so that the rainfall will work for the school rather than drain away quickly.  these are thirsty melons, but not for long.  i can’t even begin to explain how excited i am about the opportunity i have to hear the permaculture guru speak this coming friday.  oh man, this weekend is going to blow my mind.

on sunday, vegman and i toured an incredible farm.  upon our (extraordinarily tardy) arrival, i fell in love with this chicken:


there were flocks of these great big, puffy, happy birds.  check out those dino-legs?!?  come here and i will HUG YOU BIRDIE, BIRDIE!!!!!


that sweet baby was wiley.  she was running and pecking.  think the farm was using her to rid the area of pests.  what a beauty.  i was happy in admiration of her poise and charm.


there was no way to resist a photo of the farm hound.  awwwww, mr. doggie doo.

now, how’s about this greenhouse for Dreaming Big:



and back on the home front, i have to show you what the Pepes were up this weekend:

Sept 2009 001

Sept 2009 003

it’s true, i knew they too are excited to be a part of Vegan MoFo 2009!

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  1. twoveganboys permalink
    September 22, 2009 7:47 am

    Wow. That melon looks awesome. And I love the greenhouse. Gardening is the best. One good thing about Texas, you can garden pretty much year round. Glad you enjoyed the mushroom curry. Your blog is awesome.

  2. maya938 permalink*
    September 23, 2009 1:01 pm

    thanks, krys! my brother wolved down every last pan dripping of the curry, and vegman was sorry to have missed it. i was planning to give him the leftovers but my bro didn’t allow for it, hehe. it was so tasty!!!!! i love seeing my family chow down on beautiful, healthy food. your curry was the perfect dish.

  3. fortheloveofguava permalink
    October 1, 2009 10:10 am

    ahhhh… bassett ears… one of the great joys in life!!! 🙂


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