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horizons of FUN

September 18, 2009

there are loads of fun things coming up in my world… renewable energy fair, farm visits, permaculture planning, celebrating my birthday for at least 6 weeks, Barcelona, AND MY VERY FIRST TIME WITH:


as luck would have it, i stumbled upon Vegan Month of Food last October 30th, back in my virginal seitan days *sigh* young love.  imagine my disappointment that it was ending just as i was branching out in the world of Vegan Master Chef fun.  i didn’t think october 2009 would ever come.  but alas, it’s here and i’m finally turning 30.  yay!!!!!!!

super duper many thanks to Kittee for hosting this great fun, and all of the bloggers i’ve been admiring since stumbling across this great happening last year.  they all have inspired me, made me laugh, introduced me to new  loves, and kept me interested in the journey of all things veglove.  there isn’t a day i do not lurk vegan food blogs in lust of all that excellence.  please come to my house, i shout at my screen. 

now, some of you dear friends have commented about my food blogging in the love, laughter and sadness in recognition of the change to food obsession that this blog has dwarfed into, so i open the floor to your input on how to go about my VEGAN MOFO.  there are loads of ideas at the PPK Forum that i will be browsing to field my veggie juices between now and October 1.  my blogging frequency has been a bit tempermental so i will need to plot my master plan before executing… well, at least a little bit, we know i’m not much of a planner.  

i’d like to use VEGAN MOFO to pay more attention to my diet.  maybe my psychotic gyno will get her food journal from me afterall, in the name of good fun, of course.  OH YES(!) the Pepes will be producing in October.  this is the perfect forum for their proper debut.  this will also be a good motivator to keep me honest about my intentions of becoming more local with my produce (thanks again, Ani). 

btw, i love saying MOFO.  we might get overusage on the word MOFO over here.  also, i served vegman some seitan this week and he loved it.  said he’d eat it again anyday.   that’s darned Vegan MOFO’n fantsmic.

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