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hello, ani

September 13, 2009

Sept 2009 019

travel to DC brought me time to sit down with Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen.  what a great book!  i even made notes while i read it.  notes and lists.  ani has me excited to try many new recipes.  i love how she has a dual focus on health: health of the person and health of the planet.  she also talks a lot about wellness from a mind, body, spirit perspective.  her book is filled with ideas on reducing waste.  i’m not the only person who gets excited about generating less trash – ani and i must be twins!  she  has ideas about reusing things.  she encourages support of local business, simplifying life, reducing our footprint, nontoxic cleaners and hygiene products.  seriously, Ani is my kind of woman.  loves it.

i step off the plane to jet over the grocery store for all the goodies on my list.  wouldn’t you know i wake up sick the next day?  tourists.  so my raw frenzy didn’t get off to the start i was motivated towards.  all i could handle for several days was crackers and beans.  i have no photos but picture this:  me, calling each Mexican restaurant in the radius asking about whether their beans are vegetarian, and graphing them out in my head by quantities and variety of vegetables on their menu (uummmmmm, no… a big plate of cheese enchiladas doesn’t do it for me as the vegetarian option, ya know?).  i’m still completely amazed by the garlic pills for use as an antibiotic.  it may not work all the time but since i’m now 2 for 2 in it remedying a sickness it will always be my place to start.

yesterday i had enough energy to start soaking nuts.  wow, nuts are tasty after a good soak and dry.  today i made almond mylk. i had never worked with dates before.  hadn’t even bought them before.  i gotta say, when i scooped them out of the bulk bin i was not sure… or curious.  they were so easy to pit with just slicing in 1/2 and removing the seed.  it’s chilling in the fridge right now, tasting pretty good.  i find ani’s youtube link interesting since she’s adding it to a raw cereal.  similarly, i’ve noticed myself throwing berries and nuts in a bowl for breakfast cereal.  saturday i did blackberries, strawberries, almonds and walnuts.  i had it with store bought almond milk but i’m thinking it would be amazing with ani’s mylk.  mmmm…

in other news, the pepes are flowering!!!  the whole garden is doing well.  clive is a tall drink of water.  the pepes have doubled in size.  dahlia was attacked by a rodent and seems to be making a comeback.  queenie and lily uprooted themselves.  maybe jade told them i would never remember to water them and they tried to jump ship.  or maybe i have no idea how to properly plant things and they needed more soil.  haha.  either way they are now comfie staying in their new home.  i am already working on my mom.  she will have a vegetable garden when i leave.  i told her we could keep it in containers and she seemed much more willing.  these containers are perfect for controlling weeds.  mom’s garden now is perfect for pollination so i’m glad she’s starting to see it my way, hehe.

and now a word about my new project.  i’m stoked to help with the permaculture makeover at the elementary school in my neighborhood.  we had a big meeting yesterday that yielded my lead of coordinating this endeavor.  touring the school grounds yesterday was awesome.  all i could think about was growing those green beans in 3rd grade.  this school has vegetable gardens, a pond, an orchard, and all kinds of flowers and butterflies everywhere.  the principal is going to install a solar oven, build and install a water catchment system and solar water pump, and we’ll do this huge permaculture landscaping design makeover with all the great stuff already there.  the first action will be this coming saturday when i meet with parents.  we will map out the school grounds.  how fun and cool will this be?!?

another cool thing is this great fun :

house of enchantment

drinking wine and making paintings with friends?  the most fun thing ever!!!


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