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September 3, 2009

big introductions last weekend. 

Sam is still getting acquainted with our newest family members:


starting from large pots left to right: 

large pot #1:  Chronos (thyme, the shortie in the upper left), Dalilah (sweet basil, upper right), Queenie (thai basil, lower) 

large pot #2:  Clive (spring onions)

large pot #3:  “The Pepes” aka Pepe, El Jefe, Peppito & Juan (jalapeno, jalapeno, banana pepper, and green bell pepper)

the yellowish looking succulant peeking over from the upper right is Jade, hopeful to return to a deep greenish succulant.  we love her despite how we’ve neglected her.  we think she’s beautiful anyways

small pot on left:  Rosie (rosemary)

small pot on right:  Lily (lavendar)

this is how we start.  i want to add more containers throughout the fall as timing gets more appropriate.  these will transport to mom’s in a few months where sam and i will wait out The Big Move (more to come).

i’ve tied my memory trigger for watering the garden to Sam needing to go outside.  so far it’s working, 3:3.  the temperatures have been lovely this week.  we have had early mornings in the 70 degrees.  the Pepes have perked up enormously.  their leaves are reaching towards the sky.  they already have new buds.   i’m digging them.  though, i’ve got a bit of a thing for Clive:


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  1. fortheloveofguava permalink
    September 3, 2009 3:15 pm

    the gang looks wonderful… and that CLIVE… what a tall drink of water he is! 🙂


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