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September 2, 2009

the scene:  friday night, storm clouds overhead, vegman on his way to town.

me:  leaving work after a long week of annoyances, worried i’d poisoned sam with garbanzo beans and hatch chilies (turned out totally safe), no food in the house, no plans to go out, split decision on what to do, stopped at the market between my house and work rather than going clear across town like i had planned.


[beautiful vegman pics.  so very beautiful.]

standing in the produce section i wanted mushrooms.  found these great extra large button mushrooms available in bulk.  grabbed a yellow onion, red bell pepper and fresh rosemary.  oh, and the asparagus, obviously.

for the stuffing i sauteed chopped mushroom heads which had removed to make room for the stuffing, onion, bell pepper, ground walnuts, panko bread crumbs, and rosemary.   i baked them for about 20 minutes in a 375 oven.  roasted the asparagus in the same oven.  so tasty. 

apparently not only was this menu a good decision b/c it was so tasty, but also good b/c my doctor says i need to watch my weight?!?  a rather weird outcome of my annual check up.  i weighed 7 pounds more this year.  not great news but ok since last year’s checkup followed surgery #2, a week’s stay in the hospital, i had no appetite at all, and i was waif like, with my hip bones sticking out in a way i’ve never seen before.   i was also 25 pounds lighter than the year before.  hmm.  it struck me as odd when my doc told me to start a food journal and consider eating out less frequently.  why is it that when i weighed 25 pounds more not one doctor ever considered me as a diet-necessary patient?  they actually said my weight was healthy.  but this year, 18 pounds less than 2 years ago, i should focus on my diet and try to get back to last year’s weight?  could this change of tune be related to me getting old?  so confused.

i let my doc give me the weight loss talk.  i know i have gained some weight.  in fact, i’m not comfy with the way some of this weight has reappeared.  i was explaining this to my friendsie a couple of weeks ago while evaluating the Raw Food Detox book.  in her most loving, friend-authoritative way, she reminded me that i over scrutinize my body, which is 100% true.  she gave this advice with compassion and i appreciated it very much.  she insisted that i’m a skinny, toned, healthy body.  and even as my doctor criticized my weight gain, i remembered her words – thanks a million, M!  

while i did not appreciate my doc’s fatness suggestions, it reinforces my quest to do better.  i have let discouraged feelings go.   i’ve upped my yoga sessions, happy that my shoulders are ready for this again.  i’ve eaten more raw foods this week.   and i continue to get my diet properly balanced  for my body again, without weight loss goals or dreams of waif like hips.   

it’s all good, you see.  instead of high carbs, high fats on our spread, i can adjust it to something more like this:


wine and tapas night at my house was fun.

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  1. fortheloveofguava permalink
    September 3, 2009 10:50 am

    While taking care of your body in a way it deserves is always a good thing, and your mushrooms and asparagus looks delish…. I seriously think you should re-evaluate going to that doctor. Sorry, lady hope I’m not totally out of line but that just seems ridiculous to me that he would offer that information up with no relevance to anything going on with your body that your weight would have an effect on. I mean you shouldn’t have to ask yourself “Why?” Shouldn’t they tell you??? And if he missed your weight gain and loss because of surgery in your medical history what ELSE are they missing??? Sorry, to rant… I usually try not to tell people what to do… but if your blog is any reflection of how aware you are about what goes into your body I can’t imagine that you of all people need to start second guessing yourself about something that doesn’t really have anything to do with your actual health!

    Just worried… feel free to delete this if you think it’s completely inappropriate… or if you agree you can point me to that doctor and I’ll give them an earful! 🙂 Hope you know I’m totally in your corner on this one!

  2. maya938 permalink*
    September 3, 2009 12:08 pm

    excellent points. isn’t it worse to learn this doc was a woman? a curvier woman than me. you’re right, she deserved more protest than i gave her. i left my game face at the hospital entry – they had screwed up the scheduling of my appointment and sent me down to the medical center instead of the satellite location, my preference, which i made very clear 6 weeks ago when i scheduled the visit. i’m the most anxious person ever in hospitals… haunting, terrible fear of hospitals. the entire morning was a calamity of errors. the more i think about it the more i think this appointment had very little to do with what was best for me. i suppose she’d be fired if i intended to need her this time next year.

    • fortheloveofguava permalink
      September 3, 2009 3:14 pm

      mmm… isn’t it terrible?? You totally have to be your own advocate and physician. I was just talking to a co-worker about how any service where a big chunk comes out of pocket (i.e. dental, vision, etc) you feel like you’re being sold a used car and then you get to the hospitals/doctor and you practically have to beg them to do tests on you! Not to mention how many “minor” errors there are in scheduling and whatnot.

      Funny– you know how I was just reading “Lessons from the Fatosphere”?? They had a whole section on this type of thing when you go in for something else and they volunteer weight loss information… and while I didn’t doubt it to hear you talk about it really hit a chord… and then with your addition of recent weight LOSS in your case… I’m like…”HELLO!!!” so scary!

      You’re right she probably won’t be there next time you make an appt.


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