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now that’s what i call spaghetti squash

August 27, 2009


[obviously not a vegman pic, though he helped clean it up for me]

i remember feeling underwhelmed the first time i tried spaghetti squash.  i wanted to like it.  i wanted it to remind me of pasta.  instead it left me feeling hungry and unsatisfied, wishing for pasta and grabbing for bread.  i’m happy to say the times have changed with the introduction of this method, my friends.

this was no 30 minute meal.  i prepared it in stages, in between catching up on chores round the house. 

first i got my squash roasting.  i sliced it in half long ways, cleared out the seeds, and turned it face down in a baking dish with about a half inch of water in the bottom.  roasted in a 375 oven for 45 minutes to an hour. 

nexti boiled the tempeh.  i crumbled it into my pot of boiling water.  cooked for about 10 minutes.  did this because i read somewhere that boiling tempeh before using it gets rid of a funny taste.  i haven’t had tempeh more than a few times so i’m not sure whether i am aware of this alleged funny taste.   i’m sure there was nothing funny or off putting about how the tempeh in this meal tasted. 

last step was sauce assembly.  i sauteed sliced onion and mushrooms in my pot, then added a jar of organic marinara sauce and the tempeh crumbles.  this was a mean and hearty sauce.     

after pulling my squash out of the oven i shredded all of the insides.  i removed half of the shreds from one side before saucing up as pictured above.  it was a big squash.  

i enjoyed this meal tremendously.  although it took a while to get all of the pieces ready, i consider it well worth the Monday night efforts.  it left me with three satisfying ready to go leftover meals to nosh on the minute i get home yoga each night this week.  even ate my leftovers cold and they were tasty.

i used tempeh in this dish because i already had it in my fridge.  since i’m considering no longer buying tempeh, i was thinking of other things that would be nice for this dish, while keeping it hearty.   thinking white beans would work.  think it would also be good with some sauteed spinach mounted up.  maybe even layered and baked together like a casserole or something.  mmm… can you tell i’m hungry?

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  1. twoveganboys permalink
    August 27, 2009 11:41 am

    Wow. This dish looks amazing. The first time I tried spaghetti squash I was not so impressed either. But now that I have had it in different recipes. I like it.

  2. fortheloveofguava permalink
    August 28, 2009 4:24 pm

    I had a good first experience with spaghetti squash…but I also slathered the insides with earth balance and garlic and ate it as a side… hehee… this looks completely satisfying though!

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