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Rawgust on my mind

August 6, 2009

[note:  while i blog to you, i am lunching on cold Merrie Channa Masala, and it’s still amazing.  even cold.  MMMMMMMMMMMMM.]

and now a confession, the term “Rawgust” cracks me up.  it reminds me of this hallmark card i was given once with a picture on the front of a life size Cheerio and nothing else and inside it said “Cheerio.”  i can’t explain why that play on words cracks me up.  to this day, i still find myself giggling about it.  Cheerio!  aaaahahahahahahah.  Rawgust tickles me in the same way.  anyone else catching my drift?  eehhhh… probably not, and that’s ok too.  I Love It.

i’ve been giving thought recently to my diet.  maybe call it my semi-annual evaluation or something.  if you recall, i pledged myself one step closer to vegan this year.  in my transition last year, i dumped all meat (excepting seafood) and all dairy.  though i was eating fish etc. on a fairly regular basis, the transition worked well for me.  after the system shock and detox, i felt great.  i dropped 25 lbs.  my skin improved, dare i say it glows.   i felt amazing.  happy happy.  so for 2009, i wanted to go even more vegan and ditch the fish (and be more conscious of not buying leather, etc.).  aside from my vacation to Roatan, there have been few circumstances where i’ve eaten fish (tho i’m less committed to avoiding shrimp).  both this year and last, i committed to a vegan kitchen and that remains constant.  it’s when i dine out that i would sometimes have fish. 

i’ve noticed a few things are different this year without eating the sweet fishies.  mainly, i find myself gravitating back to cheese.  again, accepting it on some occasions when i dine out, and not always.  since i had little problem rejecting cheese last year, it makes me wonder if something is not quite right about the fats in my diet.  i don’t feel good after consuming cheese but i do so anyways and it feels like a fat imbalance to me.  so, contrary to how it might seem, healthcare is not the only research item on my plate. 

last week i was motivated to pick up my copy of Kathy Freston’s Quantum Wellness.  i bought this book in my endeavor to learn all i could about the dietary changes i made last year and satisfied my thirst for information before reading this one.   if you remember, my goal is achieving optimal wellness for my body over a general principle against eating animals (tho i much disfavor the abuse of animals for human consumption and it weighs heavy in my decisions).

secondly, i am curious about a cleanse focused on determining how my body reacts to gluten.  i don’t think my regular diet contains much gluten.  my primary grocery consumptions are beans, nuts and produce.  i rarely buy bread, crackers, cookies, pastas, etc.  i do occasionally make seitan (and by occasionally, i mean that i have done so twice in 1.5 years).  i imagine there are some gluten items i eat that i will become conscious of if/when i cleanse.

thirdly, i am curious about Raw Diets.  in particular, i am drawn in by the author of Choosing Raw.  i have a found a new favorite blogger.  i really love her voice.  honestly, i’ve always thought that going Raw was too extreme and a bit off putting.  then i consider that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing and it’s most likely possible that incorporating more raw foods into my world can in fact be pleasant.  so i would like to understand more about the nutritional upgrades of raw food.  at the surface level i find it interesting that some raw diets include fish and goat cheese (making a big distinction from cow’s cheese based on digestive properties). 

so i’ve ordered copies of The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose, Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People by Jennifer Cornbleet, and Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen by Ani Phyo… and away we go…

oh, and in case you knee jerk reaction to raw foods is to gag (like mine is), check this ice cream recipe out.  i cannot attest to whether that post has changed my life yet.  however, i can say it has changed my perspective and that is always an indicator that it’s possible my life is changing.

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  1. fortheloveofguava permalink
    August 7, 2009 10:32 am

    Mm… I’ve been thinking a lot more about Raw foods too… I don’t know if I could do the 100% jump but I think incorporating more of them would do worlds for me. And to be honest the more I read about it the more I do kind of want to jump in! I changed to Veganism for a lot of different reasons too… and although the animal part was high on my list it wasn’t the only thing and didn’t really weigh out feeling like I was getting a good balanced diet. However, the longer I do it the more everything has sort of started to fit together… even things that i used to think were sort of these “floofy” “grandiose” ideas like the fact that we’re “ingesting the pain and terror of the animals” I sort of feel that now… while there is a lot more “cleansing” I would like to do I feel a different calm from my ethics and actions being more intact rather than at odds with each other…

    anyway… sorry… what I meant to say was… “Good post, lady” (haha… sheepish look) here’s a site someone passed on to me… if anything they make raw look pretty fun…

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