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a matter of chriopractics

July 24, 2009

as i have expressed in recent posts, i have been under enormous stress the past few weeks.  my ordinary reaction to emotional situations is to Man Up.  meaning, i accept the real circumstances i face and try to problem solve on proactive ways to manage the obstacle.  it’s cumpulsive.  to aid my erratic moods, i do a lot of yoga and try to eat extra healthy.  sure, my mood suffers some.  i’m less tolerant with third party bullshit.  but i’m otherwise oddly functional in adverse circumstances.  i’m keen to put on happy face, and it’s not a conscious choice.  in fact, i envy people who can cry it out.  i don’t have that valve.  sometimes i cry and it quickly stops, even if i give myself permission to get messy in it.  

so when the pressure mounted, my aging back took the brunt of it.   i woke up from a normal night’s sleep with a large mass of tension under my left shoulder blade.  two days later the tension had grabbed hold of my neck and i could not turn my head.  the pain was agonizing.  i scheduled massage therapy and hoped for the best.  the massage therapist worked on my knots.  she was amazed by the extensive problems in my back actually.  i had told her it had been a stressful week without giving any details.  when i left she frowned, saying i would probably need to come back in a day or two, and i needed to take better care of myself or i would not be able to take care of anyone else.  when i looked down at her card i saw that she’s an oncology massage therapist.  this worried me.  the next day, although better, i knew i needed more work done on my back immediately.  i spent the weekend horizontal on my couch, with occasional tears of pain streaming down my face.  and my decision to see the Chiropractor was solidified.

this choice has received controversial reactions from the peanut gallery.  when i went to work that monday my boss and a few coworkers looked at me as if i was insane when i told them i had my first appointment that morning.  interesting.  to me, the chiropractor was my only option.  although in hindsight i suppose i could have seen an orthopedic physician to get some good drugs to medicate the pain away.  not sure how that would have fixed the problem though since i hadn’t injured myself, i was simply out of line. 

my first appointment hurt.  i left feeling opened up.  i went home to ice.  a few hours later i felt clammy, toxic and boarder line for a migraine.  it was more than unpleasant.  from a holistic healing point of view, all of this seemed ok to me.  the next morning i felt pretty good.  as the day went on i tightened up again, indicating to me it was time for another appointment.  my second appointment felt good.  that evening i felt unpleasant again, although less unpleasant than i had felt after the first appointment.  and again, the next day i felt great.  my 3rd, 4th & 5th appointments have felt awesome.  no unpleasantness at all following the treatments.  i even went back to yoga a week after my first appointment. 

when i described my experience to a friend, he was super defensive about the pain he had suffered after one visit to a chiropractor.  said he’d never go back.  i fully respect his ability to make the best choice for his body.  at the same time, i suspect his unrealistic expectations about how he would feel after one treatment and his unwillingness to return was the problem.  i give high regards to the Chiropractor.  it’s good fit for me.  with a disclaimer about what to expect, i would highly recommend it.

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