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food and friends

July 19, 2009

to me, food is a means of expressing affection.  i adore cooking delicious foods for my loved ones.  it’s been a fun weekend for sharing great food with friends.

yesterday was an old friend’s 30th birthday.  and by old, i do not mean her now being 30, haha.  this was my first excuse to make Isa’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Pillows.  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-H.  WOW.  um, yeah, WOW.  i found the unprocessed dutch cocoa at Whole Foods but not the black.  although amazingly tasty, mine did not look at all like Isa’s.  i put 1/2 of them in the muffin tin and cooked the other 1/2 on a baking sheet.  i may have mismeasured something or possibly my natural peanut butter was too oily.  until i get my measurements squared away i will bake all in the muffin tin (and if you do this, they look like large Two Bite Brownies… that’s right, better than Reese’s PB Cups and reminiscent of Two Bites but totally Vegan!).  these babies hit all the right tastes.  for almost a second i worried they would be devoured at the 2 parties i was taking them to and i would have no left overs.  they were a big hit and i brought home 4, to boot!  no chance those 4 will survive today.

i was delighted at the thoughtfulness of my friends in thinking of me in their pot luck contributions last night.  i’ve never seen so much veggie goodness in one place.  we had an incredible spread!!!  there was a whole host of salsas and dips that consumed the entire kitchen bar (you know i made the black bean dip). we actually forgot to pull all of the gorgeous bean and pasta veg salads out of the fridge until most of the crowd had left.  it felt almost like thanksgiving but Grandma wasn’t there and it wasn’t the deviled eggs everyone was too tipsy to remember in the fridge.  no worries, Grandma, there were stories of all her glory at our gathering.  S made Isa’s Edamame and Corn Salad that should make for awesome leftovers this week.  i made this easy ingredient White Bean Salad:

Throw Together White Bean Saladsimply chop ingredients in the food processor, throw in a bowl together, mix and let chill before serving

2 cans cooked white beans, drained and rinsed

chopped carrots

chopped celery

chopped green onion

chopped fresh Italian parsley

pitted and chopped olives

olive oil

red wine vinegar

few pinches of dried thyme

sea salt

black pepper

the bean salad was simple yum.  it’s good on chips or crackers.  it can stand alone.  i also think it would be good atop fresh green lettuces or spinach, which is how i envision having it tonight.

it was a fun fun day with friends and family.  even Sam got to come to the party.  the food was an excellent bonus.

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  1. fortheloveofguava permalink
    July 20, 2009 10:45 am

    mm… that sounds wonderful!


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