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July 6, 2009

i was fortunate to spend my 4th of july forgetting about BBQ at The Crossings, located in the gorgeous-georgeous Texas Hill Country.

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mmmhmm.  it was peaceful.  i hiked, sun bathed, went to yoga, did a little tai chi, had a hypnotic massage.  the heat was hot but it wasn’t melting me to the glaring pavement like it does in Houston.  wait, there was no pavement… ooh la la…

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there was a shamanic meditation.  it was one of the last classes i attended.  it would be impossible to describe this experience without sounding all kindsa out there.  i will tell you i loved it and there was drumming.  i will also tell you after being visited by a snake during my meditation, i absolutely had to go on one more hike before i left the premises.  it was like 11 a.m. HOT and i felt compelled to go hiking into the woods by myself… umm.  my rational mind kept trying to dissuade me towards the car, the A/C, the road, and instead i would up on that damn hike.  would you believe there was a snake on my path in the woods?  on my solo hike?  it was the least scary snake i’ve ever seen.

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now, the food:  it’s easy to be vegan at The Crossings.  what i took:  soy milk (they did not have this, or a refrigerator in the room – take singles), coffee (did you know HEB sells single pot packages of fair trade organic guatemalan coffee grinds for about $1?),  a nice bottle of wine (and by nice, i mean the $15 bottle), Nature’s Path WEIL bars (mmm).  what they had:  easy to navigate veg friendly meals, albeit on the i-want-potato-chips-with-this variety.  hey, it’s a health spa and wellness center – i should have brought the dang potato chips.  the fruits and veggies were plentiful at every meal.  breakfast highlights were grapefruit halves, dried fruits and nuts, oatmeal, pan fried potatoes (def in oil and not in butter).  there was always a piece of fruit available for snacking.  lunches and dinners were salad bar veg and nuts w/ all vegan dressingS, nicely prepared beans (even my summer love), steamed veggies of multiple choices and a grain.  there was fruit out for dessert, and damn i wanted cookies and pie – so bring the dark chocolate… sure wish i’d had some dark chocolate, sort of wish i had some now.   the WEIL bars came in handy on my road trip sonic avoidance.  while i definitely wanted some calories after the weekend was over, the food was excellent and abundant.  and really. healthy.

after this weekend, i definitely owe Texas an apology.

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even if those houses pictured are too big and too close together, there is more to Texas than vast concrete jungles.  that beauty, paired with a super cool city (hel-lo Austin!), can make a woman’s heart beat.

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  1. fortheloveofguava permalink
    July 8, 2009 12:13 pm

    ooh pretty… i need to get out for a hike!


  1. found it « think outside the cage

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