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not exactly potato chips

July 6, 2009

i went back and forth with numerous dinner options varying by degree of laze.  i opted on:

a nacho

Black Olive Nacho

that un-Chili’s queso uncheese unmeat nacho topper is made of Westsoy 5 Grain Tempeh chopped, boiled and sauteed with chopped poblano, red onion and mushrooms.  my spices were an easy bit of salt, chili powder and cumin.  i sauteed the mix and set aside in a bowl, made my unvelveeta recipe in the saute pan, then added the tempeh taco filler into the unqueso.  that black olive is a tribute to the way my momma likes tacos.  it’s sometimes exactly right and believe it or not, i did not want to top it w/ a jap.

now, if you can’t guess what goes best with un-Chili’s unqueso nachos then you clearly haven’t been paying attention to this blog –

a black beans can

refried?!?!?  and red japs.  whoo-ya.

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  1. fortheloveofguava permalink
    July 8, 2009 12:14 pm

    mm.. nicely done.. your 30 minute show episodes are really taking shape!

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