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“If it’s the drilling and they continue to drill, what’s going to be the consequences?”

June 30, 2009

this morning i heard the sound byte “there hadn’t been an earthquake in 150 years but in the last month there have been 6.”  my assumption was that they were speaking of Honduras.  if that were correct, it would have been creepy enough. 

instead, i learn they were speaking of a northern town of The Lone Star State.  specifically they speak of Cleburn, Texas, one of the hottest new drilling discoveries known around these parts as the Barnett Shale.  the nay-sayers, aka the mailbox money collectors, might choose to ignore the possibility that the 2000 new natural gas wells drilled there over the past 8 years could be the source.  or they might listen to the local reporter, [Bucknutt] Smith, who’s quoted saying  “A lot of people are thinking it’s overblown, that these are minor events. I don’t think anyone’s overly concerned that I’ve talked to,” and “People that lean right say this is natural; people that lean left say it’s the drilling.”   i wonder when natural disasters became politic dividers?  i can only shake my head at apathy.  it seems we’ll know soon enough since the city has engaged assistance from SMU.  now that’s thinking, city must be run by them liberals someone else who thinks it’s worthwhile to know whether the earth is naturally quaking or experiencing small and potentially dangerous explosions under its surface. 

shouldn’t we wonder if there are unforeseen consequences to re-engineering nature?  does asking the question have to make you some damn left leaning liberal?  maybe some other day, some other time, in some other circumstance, a shift in perspective will occur.  maybe it’s just my nature to always question.  maybe i’m just another liberal.  it’s been a tough week, folks, bear with my ranting. 

hmmm… re-engineering nature…  Right Now we are looking at:  Swine Flu, two commercial air buses crashing into the ocean this month, Food, Inc., Farrah Fawcett: cancer, Michael Jackson: pharmaceutical drugs?, Billy Mays: heart disease, earthquakes in friggin Texas?!?  and it’s been the hottest damn summer Houston has had in decades…  rather than ask, i imagine some, like Bucknutt, might say “there’s not a scintilla of evidence” about whether these consequences are natural or man-made. 

it’s been a very weird few days.  i’m glad my gf pushed me to book a weekend getaway at a green retreat and wellness spa.  i do live a blessed life.  i am grateful for it, even when i’m grumpy.  xo.

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  1. fortheloveofguava permalink
    July 8, 2009 12:03 pm

    eeks… scary… so many things we don’t understand! I guess I get the whole ignorance is bliss thing but really… how do people really turn a blind eye to some of this stuff?

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