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“organic” factory farm fertilizer? dung-it!

June 25, 2009

i know you’ve been dying to hear about my date, but sorry, that’s not what this blog is really about anymore.  xo.  i will tell you this – he is one good sport.

prior to his arrival, my date did the calculations on the amount of soil i would need for my garden: 45 bags.  a bit much to haul.   he suggested he help me find a local provider when i’m ready for beds, and instead he would bring me about 8 bags to get some containers started.  perfect.  and smart.  i mean, really, i should start small.  i don’t know what i’m thinking with trying to go full fledged garden before i can even manage the compost heap.  alls i was thinking is fun and excitement – my two favorite thoughts, specially when dating, hehe.

… ahhhh… the compost heap.  a sweet idea that i’m afraid i’m way too lazy for and it’s frankly too damn hot to manage turning garbage right now.  i am switching my method to the Enviro-composter.  all is not lost you see, because i can repurpose my concrete blocks for my raised bed gardens this fall.  yippee!!!

my dad laughed when i gave him the status report on my gardening efforts.  he j0kes that i’m not capable of growing a garden.  whatevs, daddy downer.  what i emphasized to him and i think is super important to emphasize to the world is that creating more sustainable habits is going to be quite a bit of trial and error.  similarly, changing my diet was/is a trial and error.  it’s a constant progression of trying new things.  not all will work.  not all i will like.  i still don’t like beets.  sorry, i don’t care that they are the Uber Veg.  don’t like, not part, of my veg lifestyle.  taking on new challenges is not about depleting the enjoyment of life, it’s about creating a greater life for myself in a means that makes sense to my world.  life does not need to be burdensome to also be earth friendly.  each of us should find our rhythm and boogie, ya dig?  

so this weekend i’m off to find a lazy woman’s 108 degree weather friendly composter.  while i’m there, i’ll pick up some plantsies for my containers.  so far i’m thinking squash, tomatoes, green beans.   apparently them are some hot bitches !  they are way cooler than me.  i’m not handling this heat.  it’s unbelievable.

back to my date… he pulls up to my house with the gorgeous soil he’s hauled 4 hours to deliver to me before taking me out.  he knows i’m a little out there, but he definitely did not know what he was getting in to with me.  bless his heart.  after unloading soil, he pulls out some *surprise* fertilizer.  he’s grinning telling me that it was organic, explaining he figured i wouldn’t want anything chemical.  (check)  of course, what do i do but go after the list of ingredients… OH NO!  i was HORRIFIED to learn it was all kinds of animal bi-products, largely originated at the factory farm.  i’m pretty sure i said something like, “Oh God No.”  and this is how he learned of my veg-love.

he took my objections in stride.  he said that i would definitely need a fertilizer and suggested i think more about the organic death.  he reasoned that the FFdeath was simply a bi-product and would otherwise be pure waste if it was not repurposed.  fair enough, except that i’m pretty sure those FFmurderers* aren’t donating their waste for reuse.  instead, they are selling and making a profit off it.  mmm… no.  i also told him that i would be uncomfortable about growing anxious veggies, ya know, because if you believe the Buddhist principal that if you ingest the flesh of an animal that’s been tortured, you thereby ingest the anxieties and other feelings of suffering felt by the tortured animal.  i do believe this and i immediately felt sad for a garden grown with suffering fertilizer.  i try to push away the thoughts of worry about the organic veggies i buy in the supermarket and instead use it as another reason to grow my own food.  again, he rolled with it.

my date will come back for date #2 this saturday (i know, i can’t believe it either after being so rude).  he researched his product line and found a bat guano fertilizer.  he wanted to know how i felt about it.  sweet.  i think i’m ok with it.  as far as i know there is no business of bat torturing.   i understand my garden needs manure of some source.  it’s the suffering of the source i’d like to avoid.  i’m growing happy veg!

*Erik is doing a bit on factory farm CEOs.  not only is he right, he’s hilarious.  i will be following his blog.  i am awaiting his entry on how these CEOs respond to animal rights advocates.  truly i am.  oh, and he’s totally right about college.  i obviously took the 3rd avenue, then somehow landed in law school.  i’m going to follow his flossing advice.  already have a soniccare.  yeppers, it’s good.

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  1. fortheloveofguava permalink
    June 29, 2009 1:05 pm

    So many things I love about this post… all having to do with the fact that it made me chortle!!

    So many compromises…. so true… but at least sounds like there’s some potential there **raises eyebrows in good natured suggestion** We actually went to a fair this weekend (I know… so not veg-friendly…. although they do have some “sustainable” stuff going on) but Mr. Guava’s mom runs a booth. We haven’t been since going veg but figured we’d make a date out of it… as we wondered through the carnivorous gluttony Mr. Guava starts to notice me outwardly cringing at bypassers chowing down and clenching my fists… and by the time we got to the “Giant Steer” that could make ugh… how many hamburgers.. knew he had to usher me out to vendors as my eyes started to well up!

    Hehee… oh the hazards of conscious dating! Ha!

    P.S. We struggled through the heat to work on our very humble tomato patch this weekend too but you should check out Snarky for some inspiration she’s amazing!

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