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solstice dreams

June 21, 2009

“living the dream” is a saying i often use in jest when asked what i’m doing on M-F between the hours of 8 & 5.  every time i say it i crack up laughing.  it’s my favorite bit of snarky.  i usually get a worthwhile and similar burst of laughter from the recipient of the phrase.   what i like most about it is that it reminds me of my dream.

dreaming keeps the world going, doesn’t it? 

i am living the dream.  i have a comfortable job, a beautiful home with a yard, gorgeous family, a great dog…  i live in a great country in this world.  i also have the privilege to keep looking forward with more dreams.  my forward looking dream is gorgeous too. 

i cannot imagine a life that does not include getting up every day with a dream in mind.  something. 

i explained this to my uncle in dallas.  i worry for my dad, who has lost his dream.  how do you  inspire a person to find their dream? 

it seems like an impossible thing b/c it takes one singular actor to decide to get up and go for the dream.  although… tonight, something about that does not seem so cylindrical.

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