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classic quickies

June 13, 2009

bear with me, i’m sick today.

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first go-to cheeze meal i made this week was a classic grilled cheeze sandwich.  the vegan cheeze featured was Daiya italian and cheddar shreds.  the darkly toasted (errr….), crispy bread is how i always made them pre-veg.  i began by placing the multi-grain bread in an oil olive misted fry pan.  the daiya didn’t really start to melt until i had sandwiched my bread.  i flipped it a few times, giving it good press with each flip.  i was thrilled when i sliced in in 1/2 and had to separate my cheezy strings.  man, i used to each mega grilled cheeze sandwiches circa college and law school dayz.  often this star would make the meal.  post-veg, i couldn’t handle a bread and processed vegan cheeze substance as complete meal *progress.*  i made a simple salad pictured there w/ spinach, romaine lettuce, yellow bell pepper and kalamata olives, dressed with Naturally Fresh Organic Aged Balsalmic & Olive Oil Viniagrette.  it was good.  i don’t often each sandwiches or salads.  it was a nice change up from the meals i’ve been going-to.  i imagine i will be making some changes to my regular meal rotations.  yay for having  new cookbooks to keep me company while i’m sick.

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next up, sauteed sausages w/ spinach & broccoli-WW-mac-n-cheeze.  sweet heavens this was good.  while i ate this i thought two things in between food pleasure moans:  1)  huh.  i really like sausage.  2) this is a meal i could feed to a non-veg man.  before going veg i always thought sausages were  what i liked about them was the blend of spicy and savory flavors they added to a dish.  my sausages were on the spicy side w/ extra red chili flakes added in the seitan recipe.  my new favorite greatest vegan things is sausages – hooray for full taste, no gross!  i had stuck my sausages in the freezer earlier in the week since i needed to run to the store for pizza crust ingredients before trying again.  when i got home i grabbed 2 out of the freeze, unwrapped and submerged in warm water while i showered.  they were totally thaw when i was ready to cook 15 minutes later.  i sliced and sauteed in olive oil and garlic.  i probably could have browned my sausage circles for a bit longer before adding the spinach.  so simple and yummers.  the pasta is organic whole wheat rotinni, which i boiled with fresh broccoli florets.  once cooked, i added the remaining daiya shreds, some nacho teese and a touch of almond milk.  oh yes, it was creamy.  i ended up topping with chili sauce when i ate it.  i love hot things.  i felt good about getting 2 good greenies in this sausage mac meal.  it was hearty and delicious.

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  1. fortheloveofguava permalink
    June 16, 2009 5:15 pm

    mm… your sausage looks so good! Eck… I just get finicky about the sponginess when vegan sausage gets wet but i feel exactly the same way about them! All the good stuff without any of the scary/gross mystery elements!

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