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miracles and prayer

June 9, 2009

as i was preparing for my presentation i came across a transition area called “heart and soul.”  LA describes this area as the path of inner transformation.   they posit we must not only create a transition of our outer, physical world, but also change our inner world.  we must examine and reallign the paradigms which gave rise to these sweeping problems.  now, my first reaction to this was something like “this is too california for texas.”  my second thought was, i sure love those california hippies.   i set my reactions aside and let it cook.

my yoga class last night was about miracles.  specifically it was suggested that a miracle is simply a shift in perception.  i was magnetically drawn to this mystical yoga instructor when we met for the first time last week.  he’s visiting our studio this month.  he’s a magnificent creature.  throughout class last night he took us on a journey.  the intention of the night being perspective.   he reiterated that “the problems of the world cannot be solved from the same level of thinking that created them.”  we focused on the experience of openness and the great miracle of change.

he also suggests prayer, something i would not claim comfort in for a variety of reasons that are not relevant to my understanding of spirituality.  i like what he suggests in this –  praying won’t “get” us anything.  instead it enables us to experience the miracle of a shift in perspective by helping us align ourselves with the right frequency we need to be in tune with the will and energy of the universe.  prayer can help clarify what we are willing to put forth into the world and what support is needed from the universe for that vision to happen.   hmmm.  for me the suggestion here is that prayer is a vehicle for the ebb and flow of positive and healing energies.  this understanding of prayer is a fantastic shift in perspective for me.

my evening at home brought with it a bittersweet sensation as i reviewed my project for this evening and recalled a conversation from earlier in the day.  i was sad about the shift in my community that is likely to occur soon.  i recognized that my perspective on living in Houston had dramatically changed over the last 6 months.  as i adapted to my circumtances, i chose to embrace them and look for my serenity without a dramatic change in locale.  finding peace and happiness here is my own miracle.  i have been endlessly energized by the heart and soul of my community right here.

what saddens me is sharing common goals but different perspective with one of my bestest friends, a couple, a family, a major player in my family.  we agree on what kind of community we want to share.  our different envision is locale.  what’s interesting is that we used to share the same perspective that it was impossible to find that kind of community we dream of sharing here.   it will be enormously heartbreaking to bid them farewell to a location that will never be home to me.  as i genuinely told my friend how happy i am for them, i couldn’t help but echo the truth that this means we may never live in the same place again.  the miracle was singular to me and our community will shift.

localization is critical to a vibrant human and earth community.  i think i am beginning to understand the heart and soul function of transition. 

like the Guru said, if everyone who cares moves to Portland, what happens to all the people they leave behind?

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  1. fortheloveofguava permalink
    June 16, 2009 5:20 pm

    I’ve gone through this so many times in my life and even now we’ve been pondering the idea of Portland (hehee… sheepish look) but I think we are getting better at creating serenity around us. I constantly ask myself if I want ready made community or if I want to make it wear I am… still I feel like Southern California might not be the place for this little hippy… guess we’ll see… That’s such a great outlook though and a good reminder for all of us! Amen sister! 🙂

  2. maya938 permalink*
    June 19, 2009 3:19 pm

    Thanks so much for adding your thoughts!

    There is another miracle in the works which is called Austin. My besties have an opportunity to go there, a location we can all agree about simplistic, lovely, farm community, hill country lifestyle. She’s talking about a bongo circle for my 30th birthday – whoo hoo!

    I have hope and belief in the future of Houston. I will keep putting in my efforts for improvement until I get the cottage and farming acreage or whatever life has in store for me. I want to always leave good things even better when I go.

    Long term, it’s too scary for me to stay here. Not only is air quality a major issue but there’s also something called global warming and losing coastline i.e. Galveston, Texas to be concerned with. Austin is close enough to have my great community come together and just hippie enough to give this hippie some peace of mind.

    Miracles are all around us so long as we’re open to them. Who really knows where life will take me. I don’t need to know, I only need to dream. Right now Austin seems pretty dreamy.

    • fortheloveofguava permalink
      June 23, 2009 2:40 pm

      mm… so well said….

      oh and I second the bongo circle! 🙂

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