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seitan saturday

June 6, 2009

i made seitan 2 ways, 3 styles today. 

yay!  i can begin testing out my splurge:

blog 6.6 0012

the first way was faux chk’n inspired seitan cutlets.  i decided to follow a myriad of seitan advice, mainly from Veganomican, Get Sconed! and Veg’n For Dinner (and I will fo sho be buying Veg’n’s cookbook soon).  like Get Sconed!, i had chk’n parmesan in mind (too!) for my first cheeze test.  per usual i had a majority but not all of the ingredients.  no matter, i played with spices and i got to use my chickpea flour.  seitan is so easy to make.  i don’t know why i don’t make it very often.  i baked the seitan rather than boiling.  the results were juicy and much less brainy.  here are my seitan cutlets resting for use:

blog 6.6 008

even though i was running low on vital wheat gluten, since i had finally motivated myself to make seitan, i had to set a bit aside to test run seitan boneless wingz.  i took inspiration from Vegan Dad, as planned.  OMG they were yummy.  this is definitely a winning combination of ingredients:

blog 6.6 0112

for my parm cutlets, i breaded and pan fried my seitan.  i sauteed mushroom slices in olive oil and a touch of salt.  i sauteed yellow squash, zucchini and onion, collected pan drippings by adding leftover veggie broth to my veggies once sauteed, and then added some tomato paste to thicken it up.  i layered my cultet with the mushroom slices before topping with italian daiya shreds.  i shoved it under the broiler for a couple of minutes and wwahaaaa-laaaa.  much to my delight it melted and browned over.  i plated my tomatoey veggies and added my daiya mushroomy cutlet yummers to the top:

blog 6.6 0172

as a preview to my cheeze review – daiya is a dream.  wow.  it’s buttery.  so buttery.  and de.licious.  love the shreds.  mmmm.  i will plant trees to offset carbon gases or something.  daiya needs to find it’s way to houston.

the second part of my seitan adventure was sausages.  i’ve been eyeing these recipes for a long time.  i’m making pizzas soon.  look, *sausages*:

blog 6.6 0072

 haven’t tried them yet.  my consumption limit is apparently 2 kinds of seitan in one day.

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