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vacation wrap up

June 4, 2009

Roatan 285

The sunrise that mattered most.

Thought I’d write a bit more about vacation, particularly focusing on the eating aspects.  The best plan ever was to get a condo with a full kitchen.  Prior to our departure, one of the ladies circulated an email suggesting we bring special food items that may not be available on the island.  My contributions were soy milk and green tea.  Fashionista was also nondairy so my soy milk was a big hit.  Another woman brought almond, walnut, dried cranberry trail mix.   Also a big hit.  And another woman brought her favorite margarita mix and a lime juicer.  Obviously a must have, and vegan friendly.  What else could we possibly need? 

We emptied out the duty free stock before leaving the airport:

Roatan 140

…whomever said Veg Don’t Like to Have Fun is clearly delusional.

We made a point to hit the biggest island grocery store on our way home from spa day on the first day.  The most opinionated of us were in charge of shopping (while we were there I kept seeing things in the cart and suggesting less processed choices – ha!).  The group was pretty easy to please since all of the women were health conscious.  My new friends were super sweet about making sure I was a comfy veg, too.  Prior to arrival, I had decided to loosen up on my no seafood rule.  I’m pro-vegan, not a perfect vegan… but I’m doing really well at perfecting my skillz.  Overall my meals were probably 80% vegan over the course of the week.  [and for reals, It’s good to be back!] 

We found a vegetable stand that we hit up for daily supplies of 20 limes and 8 avocados:

Roatan 251

Breakfasts looked like this:

Roatan 239

I made my Amorous Black Beans (recipe to come). 

Roatan 209

These were a big hit with our grilled veggie meals, and made for a fantastic breakfast staple as beans on toast w/ avocado slices (thank you, Fashionista, for the introduction), and beans with home fried potatoes (thanks, Mama).

Smarty, aka “the Grillmaster,” was in charge of these beauties, which we wound up doing more than once:

Roatan 217

There was a yoga studio that despite my good intentions I never used:

Roatan 247

And lastly, meet Smarty’s friend, Ricky.  He lived outside our condo.  He had lots to say.  All night long.  I was thankful for earplugs.

Roatan 260

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  1. sarahmae permalink
    June 6, 2009 11:16 am

    Ricky Sucks!!!

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