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take that, velveeta!

June 4, 2009

i have meant to do this post for about a month.  yesterday i saw For the Love of Guavas recent post about gorgeous vegan flautas (or “taquitos” as we call ’em, “flautas” is so fancy) – OMG they look GOOD – and a mention of the bizarre taste for velveeta and rotel… i’m sure my Texas girls know of this love affair, yes?  and it was time to finally follow up to the post i made about 6 months ago on the subject. 

in case you do not recall, i got all vegan excited about trying out a faux queso recipe Here.  this picture posted by Vegan Explosion tipped me over the edge on trying my hand at nooch queso.  when i went back to their site to see it again, i find they will soon be selling it.  right on!  i would buy this product, fo sho!  check out their gorgeous picture of vegan queso:


i am happy to report that i have created a similar faux queso in my own kitchen based off their recipe.  look here at mine:

Roatan 116

compare the pics and you see why i am retiring from food photography  – ha!

this queso makes me so very happy.  last time i made it, i used it for tempeh tacos and nachos.  mmm.  the tempeh tacos are a good down home lovin go-to meal.  they are quick and easy, and remind me of something i used to make before going veg. 

for the “meat” i saute:

1 package of tempeh, broken up in the pan the exact same way you would ground meat from the package

1 chopped red onion


bell pepper medley, chopped – red, yellow and green are good

chopped jalapenos – amount varies by taste preferences



chili powder

talk about easy-peasy.  this saute cooks faster than any meat.  the mixture is FAR better than the smart ground taco/burrito stuffs.  it can be used in any way you would normally use taco filling – hard tacos, soft tacos, nachos, enchiladas, burritos, flautas, taquitos.  i use my faux queso with this.  i also add lettuce shreds, fresh salsa, and guacamole.  mmm.  there is absolutely nothing “missing” from this vegan meal…  well, except for my Amorous Black Beans, that is.

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  1. fortheloveofguava permalink
    June 4, 2009 10:58 am

    nom Nom NOM… mmmMMM…. and Thursday night is Mexican Night because Mr. Guava’s cooking and it’s his favorite!!! YES!!! What are these AMorous Black Beans… eh???? 🙂


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