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kirtan, bhavani & sunshine

May 14, 2009

last night i attended a kirtan event with arjun and the guardians at my yoga studio. 

arjun is from santa cruz.  OMG, there’s something special about arjun.  it may be time to plan a visit to santa cruz.  there’s a kindness in his eyes that’s truly a-maz-ing

i had no idea what to expect.  very unlike myself, i did zero research on it.  i read the email which described them as a unique style of music mixes, reggae mixed with eastern vocals.  it noted arjun’s influences on NYC, india, pakistan.  it concluded with the line “Arjun currently lives on Earth and is open to relocating.”  hmmm.  i was sold that the experience would bring me value. 

this yoga studio is like no other i have visited.  it’s an unexpectedly gorgeous space.  the owner has filled it with art, books, incense, candles, tea, and beautiful colors.  all of your senses are enacted upon setting foot inside.  last night there was chocolate and wine.  to add kirtan, call and response Indian chanting, with the harmonium and the drumming, the dancers, the yoginnis… 

it’s difficult to describe other than to say it carried the same energy of Guatemala.  the experience was enchanting.  the room full of a contagious spirit.  the harmony of chanting that comes from an involuntary place.  beautiful women twirling in bhavani. 

today i woke up feeling raw.  my head hurt (and no, i did not consume a drop of alcohol last night).  as i go through this day i discover the effects of last night, it’s exactly the same as the aftermath of working with an energy healer.  the heart is sensitive and open.  body achey.  skin feverish.  dehydration.

alls i can say is wow.  for an evening i was taken out of Houston to this beautiful place i never knew existed Here.  alls i can say is i want more.

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