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a few findings

May 13, 2009

i have embarked on a number of experiments so i thought a results update is in order:

1)  Nondairy Milk

findings:  less soy milk is more pleasant on my system.  hemp milk is not an exciting or offending taste.  i tried both the vanilla flavored (which contains more sugar) and the unsweetened.  both used in coffee, both the same taste to me and same consistency.  the consistency of hemp milk in coffee is strange and gritty.  it gets the job done fair enough.  the downside is that hemp milk is by far the most expensive.  my regular neighborhood grocery store carries hemp milk.  the cost is less at the regular grocery store than the health food store.  to justify the additional cost to make hemp milk my go-to, i would need more gratification from the taste and consistency.  i liked the oat milk.  it was pleasant in coffee and cereal.  i bought the vanilla flavored, which i feel like limits it as a go-to milk.  it is more expensive than soy and less expensive than hemp.  it is not carried by the regular grocery store.   

conclusion:  i still like soy milk.  i like oat better than hemp but hemp is fine.  some soy milk is fine but there are limits i should respect.  my regular grocery store has an organic generic brand of soy milk that is delicious and cost effective.  when i purchased a 1/2 gallon of soy milk and an unsweetened hemp milk and the regular grocery store, my needs and budget satisfaction were met.  i was also not over consuming the soy milk.  i think my soy overconsumption was a result of buy soy milk in bulk.  i’m a greedy bastard.  i will over indulge if given the option.

2)  Choosing to Disconnect from Cable Television

i haven’t blogged about this choice so i should start with how and why i made this decision.  essentially, i wanted to stop watching so much crap on television but could not retrain myself to do so with cable television in my home.  i tried for a month to consciously decide to watch less television and keep the cable.  nope.  i’m a creature of habit.  i’m also not that disciplined.  i wondered whether the transition away from it would be difficult.  in a moment of inspiration i called comcast, had it disconnected and returned the box in a matter of hours. 

findings:  peace and tranquility.  internet can be unbundled from your cable / internet package.  you have wrangle them down to the lowest price service.  for me, i had to make 3 calls.  the cable service tech put me on a plan of $60/mo for internet only, which was totally absurd for the $66/mo bundle of cable and internet (which was costing around $100/mo once the fees, box charges and taxes were added).  then i had to make a separate call to ask for a lower plan directly from the internet service guys.  they claimed none existed w/o a bundle.  when i suggested i would move to the competitor and quoted what they were charging for the one service (around $35) i was moved to the “economy” plan at $40/mo.  i can agree to a $5 differential in price if it means i avoid switching providers.  most tv shows can viewed for free online the day after the show has aired on the tv networks.  this is nice b/c i can still watch the crap show i’m “missing” during the transition period.  it also helps pair down the shows i actually like to watch and those i watch b/c they are there.  it’s amazing how quickly i could not recall 2/3 of the programs i had scheduled on my dvr. 

conclusion:  $50 more a month in my pocket.  more time.  more motivation to go and do things.  more motivation to invite family and friends over.  more yoga classes.  more reading.  more music.  more cooking.  netflix and redbox make good alternatives.  they are cheap.  the quality of programming is much better.  overall, a lovely upgrade to my life.

3)  Wingz

finding:  i have been a lazyass and have not made seitan for my wing experiment.  like seitan is hard?  no, it’s not.  i’ve just been that lazy.  adding to my laziness was the tempeh existing in my refrigerator and the discovery of this recipe for tempeh wingz.  i can’t find the version of the recipe i went with but it included frying, not baking, and i didn’t boil the tempeh as that recipe suggested.  it was good.  these pics (which are not mine) make it seem even better.  my food never looks that good.  very impressive.  when i do get over being so lazy, i’m going to make Vegan Dad’s Boneless Chickenless Hot Wings.

other findings:  i tried more from the freezer section totally vegan chickenless nuggets.  gross.  i can’t remember the brand but i remember the box and will look for it to recall the brand next time i’m at Whole Paycheck.  gross, gross, groooooooossssss.  even doused in ketchup and hot sauce, gross.  i’m over it now.  

conclusion:  i need to make my own wingz.  if i’m lazy, tempeh works great.  if i’m even lazier, i can stock veggie spring rolls in my freezer and hold off on the wingz.

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  1. May 19, 2009 1:14 pm

    I am sure I read somewhere that Soy is bad for you in large quantities. I find I see Soy in absolutely everything which I find a bit worrying. Is it good for you is it not. Does it encourage estrogen production in adult humans or not. Either way our modern diet especially in the U.S> rely heavily on Soy. I think it’s OK to have some soy but not too much.

  2. maya938 permalink*
    May 19, 2009 3:48 pm

    Hi, Thanks for your comment.

    Here is a great article that tackles most of the common questions about soy –

    The bottom line is that soy is perfectly safe and healthy to consume in reasonable amounts – 2 or 3 servings per day. That’s a lot of soy. In fact, consuming that many servings of soy each day would likely put you over your body’s daily protein requirements (which have been enormously skewed in the public eye by diets like Atkin’s and personal trainers who are advocating for far higher protein levels than what the normal, healthy body needs).

    In my veg diet, I utilize numerous sources of protein that do not include soy, mainly nuts, beans, and whole grains. In my diet, I am also concerned about processed foods, so many soy products are of concern to me in their general nature of being. On a daily basis, I use a nondairy milk in my coffee. I do not regularly eat tofu. My soy meat alternative of choice is tempeh. My meat alternative of choice is seitan, made of wheat gluten. Foretunately for me, I do not have problems with wheat.

    I personally believe that every single individual’s body chemistry is different so there is no one size fits all diet. I think it’s important for each of us to seek out what works best for our body’s optimal health. That being said, I do not believe the person or the planet benefits from human consumption of meat where a plant based diet is possible.

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