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is today opposite day?

May 8, 2009

i’ve been confused by the whole slider sensation since it’s debut.  this commercial does nothing to alleviate my confusion and has me kind of spooked:

when i first saw the ad i thought, OMG Jack in the Box is officially helping spread the vegetarian / vegan word!  all i could think about was how much that mini-cow (shown immediately after the clip with the friendly looking dog) reminded me of my sweet puppy dog friend… someone i’d never ever want to skewer into 3 small burgers that make no damn sense to me anyways.  i honestly thought people would see the parallel.  i mean, it was obvious to me and kinda freaked me out.  who wants to eat their dog (aside from the cat eating cannibal wannabe guy)?   

i was in room full of Carnis last night who were discussing their dinner options.  the Jack in the Box ad came up in this conversation.  i held my tongue, waiting for someone to say “aw, the adorable little cow looks just like Sparky.  i can’t bear the thought of Sparky becoming mini burgers.  how crude.”  instead, i heard that they like the commercial.  the song is cute and catchy, especially the jingle about “herding cows the size of schnauzers.”  one of the women left to for dinner and apparently decided to go get herself some of them doggie sliders.  when she returned full bellied (and empty handed much to my delight) the room salivated over her review of the sliders. 


this afternoon i received a massively confusing email alert.  it makes no sense to me that Oprah does something like promote KFC’s offer to give away “Kentucky Fried Cruelty” for free on her show. Oprah?  who after having spent 21 days last year learning to become a conscious eater, suggested that her followers read about the rights of livestock, and declared after her experience that although not a vegan “[she is], for sure, more mindful of [her] choices.”  apparently after the show aired KFC was so overwhelmed with people seeking their free grilled chicken pieces, they had to cancel the promotion?  come on, by no means would I call myself an advocate for PETA, but i don’t think anyone can really argue about validity of their campaign against KFC, particularly a self described Conscious Eater.  ***sigh***

these things seem rather incongruent. 

did i miss the memo?

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  1. fortheloveofguava permalink
    June 3, 2009 4:55 pm

    HAHA… I couldn’t decide what to be offended at first when I saw this! My partner and I were literally staring dumbfounded and silent at the television as first a mini cow and then a little person appeared for comedic meat eating effect… so awkward and gross!!

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