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seek and maya shall find

May 7, 2009

last week i wondered where i’d find another Vegman in Houston, Texas (“Here”).  what i silently was also thinking was “…without having to go online*.”

in my experience as a single and dating Veg, i have seen men have a reaction to my food decisions that clearly communicates that they are uncomfortable.  even though i’m no zealot about my choices, it seems the simple act of ordering vegetable fajitas at dinner is a turnoff for some** men.  i generally attribute this to the conservative, bbq, hunting type culture most Texans were raised in.  like my brother has lovingly and jokingly said, to not eat meat is “un-American.”  i understand that it’s weird, Here.  this, among other things that often come with that mindset, sometimes makes being single and pondering the possibilities of dating seem kind of drab.  the flipside is knowing that when and where i find someone who is not uncomfortable with my interests and ideas, will be an interesting adventure.  there’s nothing i love more than a good adventure.

i think my odds of compatibility increase when i go out with a Vegman, particularly, Here.  the choice to be a vegan or a vegetarian is often coupled with a consciousness that is important to me in a partner.  although it’s certainly not enough (or a requirement), it presents a nice common ground from where to get started.  it also means my Vegman will be interested in my cooking for him and when i ask him over for dinner he will not sigh and say “no meat?  no sustenance?  not interested.”  i do so love to cook for my Man, and no Hon, i’m not cooking meat.

when i went Veg, i had only one friend who was also Veg.  she doesn’t live here.  now i’ve got a few friends Here who have either gone Veg since or i have met in expanding my network through volunteering.  everyone i reference in this paragraph is also a woman. 

for all of these reasons, i find it incredibly interesting that this week i have met in the course of regular in person life 1 vegan man and 1 vegetarian man.  the vegetarian man is single.  he’s also super smart and a total hottie (call me, ok?).

*i don’t think there’s anything wrong with online dating.  i honestly don’t.  i have been disappointed with the reality of the persons i have met.  either the men i’ve gone out with do not know themselves well enough to accurately portray the qualities they possess or they believe themselves to be something different from who they actually are.  i choose to believe people honestly believe they are all of the great stuff they tell me about themselves prior to us meeting.  the online thing is also a little bit too personals-ad for me, and certainly after reading what some people are putting out there these days.  the idea of fishing out and going on blind dates with all the single Vegmen online in Houston, Texas just doesn’t get me excited.  i would really rather meet someone in regular life that grabs my attention, and hopefully comes with a personal reference.  the ideal world is rosy in my head.

**definitely not all.

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