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it’s all good

May 4, 2009

in honor of the fifth anniversary of my being licensed to practice law, i decided to express my appreciation to the ones that have a daily influence on my career.  i have to plug yoga by telling you that the idea came over me immediately following a yoga class last week.  i was driving home and as soon as i realized i would reach this milestone, i knew it was time to write thank you notes.  i also knew i was high on the post yoga  elational attitude of gratitude, so i considered it over the weekend.  i wasn’t sure whether i’d have the words and the nerve to go through with it.  turns out, i did, and i’m super glad about having done so.  

with 1 of my go-to besties injured, the other agreed to have dinner with me tonight. anything you want, she says.  alls i wanted was to spend time with some of my cherished loved ones.  i was excited all day to see her, her husband and the kiddos.  that snuggly little GF Bug is the best.  as for Mr C, it’s definitely time to go back to the zoo with my monkey birdie dinosaur friend.  the girls had sushi dinner and wine.  we shared in life’s delights, frustrations and heartaches, exchanging never before told stories and hilarious memories of the hurdles.

it’s an amazing, merry day to take a moment to mark our life’s accomplishments with no expectations or silly hoopla.  it was a beautiful day to step over this milestone, with a spirit of grace and hope, comfortable that all is exactly as it is best.  

i witnessed myself say something the other night that has resonated with me ever since.  the diversity in which it can be applied and the depth of reach astounds me.  it touched the souls of the new friends around me and mine as well.  it has nothing to do with career but rather a sentiment on general life stuff and the greater picture and world.

“…that’s what is so exciting about it all…”  huh.

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