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reading blogs does not a chef make

April 30, 2009

i think i’ve mentioned here that one any given day i read a ton of vegan food blogs.  it’s a nice breakup of my day… read a contract, look at yummy food i can eat, get ticked at a client, read about new recipes… you catch my drift.  i’ve also been trying to organize the blogs i like into categories, etc., after having imported like 7000 vegan blogs to my reader from the Vegan MoFo.  i definitely have not viewed them all yet.  i’ve actually started from the top and the bottom.  at the top, i’m on the Cs.  at the bottom, i’m still in the Vs. 

i’m getting all kinds of ideas.  the best is when i come across quick, easy, delicious looking recipes, midday, knowing i have all the necessary ingredients in my kitchen AND it can be made in quantities to feed just me.  like, yesterday, i got super excited when i came across this Crash Hot Potatoes recipe.  it’s that special time of the month and i’ve been trying to not indulge my craving for everything fried, while still indulging the comfy, junk foodish mood settler.   how delicious and easy those potatoes look!  ooh, i was excited!

i’m noticing how much pictures add to the vegan food blog, or any blog, really.  i’ve been considering that i need to start taking pictures when i’m talking about cooking so i can post them.  and really, now that i’m without cable television, i’ve got the time.  i’ve considered that taking food photos and blogging about it would even be a fun activity for some of my new found peaceful evenings.  i regret not having taken a picture of my beautiful spring onion quiche.  it was gorg.  would have made for a good blog addition.  maybe.  we’ll see.

so, back to my crashed hot potatoes.  the pictures make it look really easy.  when i got home last night i was all excited to start making them and thinking of how i’d have a cute little picture of my potatoes to put on my blog and say, “ooh, look how easy and delicious.”  hmmph.  i crashed the potatoes.  

the recipe is easy, and they were really delicious.  it’s the chef who is less than graceful in preparing them.  the first mistake i made was not having a pot deep enough to completely cover the whole red potatoes as they boiled.  i figured it was close enough and i could just flip them a few times while it boiled.  ha!  the next mistake was dumping the water before i was sure i could smash the potatoes.  i had boiled them longer than the recipe suggested since the potatoes were not completely submerged.  definitely did not cook them long enough though.  attempting to smash the too hard to smash potatoes was something of a disaster.  hilarious, but awful messy.  i oiled and salted, and popped the 1/3 smashed potatoes in the oven for 5 minutes, then i removed and finished the smashing.  the results were nothing at all like Pioneer Woman’s gorgeous pictures.  the taste, however, was outstanding.   all of my monthly moods were satisfied with these. 

i have no pictures to show for this event.  although today is seems like pictures of that train wreck would be something entertaining for show.  i will certainly make them again.  and now i’m one step closer to buying myself the deep boiling pot i’ve needed for quite some time.

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