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April 28, 2009

“wow!  both of your husbands are vegan?  where did you find vegan men?  errr… i mean, if you don’t mind my asking.”

my new found friends looks awkwardly at me.  aahahahahahaha.  i was too shocked to consider tact and etiquette.

it’s time to tell veg1 i’m not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with him in anymore.  ahhhh, veg1.  aren’t firsts fun?  veg1 was the first younger man and the first vegetarian i’ve ever dated.  both, interesting experiences.  

where will i find veg2?  ooh, i wonder.  will we gaze dreamily into each other’s eyes while we build a chicken coop?  or while scooping manure into my compost?  

aaahahahahahahahahaha.  a good story it will be, i’m sure.


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