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April 20, 2009

in my family, everyone contributes to the meal.   typically, we each bring whatever it is we want to eat.  the buffet always turns out gorgeous and this time around was no different.

we snack while people arrive and wine up, so snacks are a critical part of the plan.  we had every dip imaginable.  my contribution was guacamole.  the perfect food (which i finally stopped eating by the bushell but still lurve).  

all my favorites went into my dinner dishes.  broccoli, asparagus and mushrooms, mmmmmmm. 

first up, asparagus, spring onion and mushroom quiche, an inspiration from The Peaceable Kingdom.  my initial plan was to follow the recipe exactly until i ran into these gorgeous spring onions at the farmer’s market and could not resist building my quiche around them.  think normal green onions but HUGE suckers.  i first saw them at the Green Market several weeks ago.  i had no idea what i would do with them at the time of purchase.  my gf and i decided we would slice them in 1/2 long ways and roast them in a drizzle of olive oil.  unbelievably good.  for the quiche,  i roasted 3 of them as described.  i took another and separated the white onion part from the green tails.  i used the white part in the veg saute.  i finely chopped the green ends and set aside until it was time to combine all of the quiche parts together.  since i wasn’t feeling like carrots that day, i opted for sliced mushrooms.  i sauteed them with the onion and asparagus.  the quiche was a success.  i placed the roasted onions on top, which made for a beautiful presentation.  the taste, for those who dared to dive into one, was outstanding. 

i also made the broccoli polenta from Veganomican.  this was my first time working with corn grits.  i was fairly distracted by quiche assembly as the polenta water began to boil and i probably overcooked it.  i enjoyed the combination of polenta and broccoli.  the dish was missing a creaminess in the texture.  no one else seemed to mind.  in reheating my leftovers, i crushed it and added soy milk, and found the taste and texture to be more pleasing.  this dish is both delicious and simple.  i will definitely make it again.  next time, i will either pay more attention to my polenta, or plan to use the milk to create a creamy texture from the start.

speaking of Veganomican, Smarty brought the Corn and Edamame Salad.  jeez, it’s good.  she was Smart enough to prepare it the day before and let the juices marinade together overnight.  OMG.  she was also Smart enough to mistakenly leave all of the leftovers at my house.  let me tell you, it’s EVEN MORE DELICIOUS day 3. 

with egg replacer and vegan dark chocolate chips on hand, i was geared up for baking a little treat.  much to my surprise, the recipe i chose did not call for egg replacer (joke on me!).  the Happy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies  are nothing short of FAB-U-LOUS.  Two comments about the recipe:  1) i did not have enough canola oil.  i had nearly enough, and wasn’t running out in the rain, so i coupled the canola i had plus a couple dollaps of room temperature Earth Balance spread.  it was delish.  i would probably do it this way again.  i imagine the hint of Earth Balance contributed just enough buttery flavor to remind me of Tollhouse.  Admittedly, these are not Tollhouse cookies, but plenty good enough for me to be a Happy Vegan, like the title of the recipe suggests; and 2) i misread the recipe in my lack of attention to detail in the kitchen and thought it said to flip the cookies after baking 5 minutes.  Flipping the cookies is a bad idea, they turn our really ugly and funky textured.  when i decided not to flip the next batch, they were perfect.  i fed Vegman and Smarty the ugly ones Saturday night, haha.  Vegman was nice about it but i could tell he wasn’t in to it.

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