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coming down from weekend fabulous

April 20, 2009

the weekend could not have been more perfect.  the treacherous rains were soothing to the soul.  the house filled with a gorgeous family.   happiness, love and comfort all the way around.

friday night, while the weather was dumping rains, i took the opportunity to hit Whole Paycheck for groceries.  i got excited by the emptiness of the parking lot upon arrival.  i was greeted at the door with fresh guacamole samples.  the string quartet played merrily in the background.  there were few enough people in the store to take my sweetass time meandering each aisle, reading labels, comparing prices.  i shop so often at the farmer’s market, i rarely have to go to the actual super market.  when i do go, i usually grab my case of soy milk and case of protein bars and run for the door.  my list of strange items was lengthy this time.  i was so happy to have the store virtually to myself to find them.  

after volunteering with the Vegans a few weeks ago, i decided to run another experiment.  heck, the garlic one yielded amazing results.  this time it’s soy milk.  i have grown to love it and find myself consuming it quite regularly nowadays.  the Vegans hypothesized that they feel better in consuming less.  after examining every nondairy milk on the aisle, i purchased oat milk and hemp milk as my testers.  i have been warned, twice now, that the hemp milk is not a pleasant taste.   i guess we’ll see.  as for almond milk and rice milk, neither made the mark on protein content and they exceeded what i consider acceptable levels on carbs.  i want to see if i notice a difference in how i feel with a switch.  if not, i’m going back to my soy b/c i like it and it’s cheap.

saturday the rains continued.  i couldn’t motivate myself to go to yoga but i did manage to get by the farmer’s market before the rains really let loose.  the rest of the day was spent getting the house ready for the main event planned for sunday.   i enjoyed cooking, cleaning and setting the table.  i was able to visit with a friend who stopped through town that afternoon.  that evening Vegman and i went to visit Smarty and played a little rock band with a few of his friends.  if there’s one thing i’m enjoying the most about this Depression (or Recession as many continue to call it) it’s the change in social outings that i’m experiencing.  rather than spend our time and money in bars or restaurants, i’m noticing my community choose more often to enjoy evenings in together.  while i may miss the opportunity to meet the man of my dreams out on the town (haha), i am enjoying the intimacy and cheapness of inhome gatherings.  not only that, it’s much more veg friendly.

sunday went off without a hitch.  it was beautiful to have my home filled with loved ones hugging, laughing, singing and dancing merrily together once again.  with more family gatherings being planned as we remember how much we enjoy being together.  the food spread came together in abundance for veg and carni alike (veg recipes to come in the following post).  the day, the weekend, filled with joy and peace and warmth.   i spent the evening replaying the day, relishing in the presence of it all, and wondering about the future.

it was stark reality this morning when i got a text from one of my besties saying she had news.  she didn’t have news yesterday, but now monday at 8 a.m. she had news?  my heart sunk when i assumed wrongly that her news was that her family would be relocating to the midwest.   the sheer thought of it made me enormously sad, knowing i would never find myself living there.  the reality of our community dissolving, well, it sucks, even if abundantly clear that ultimately we don’t all want to stay here.  could there be a common place we go? 

indulge me as i go down hippie road for a moment…  i can’t help but imagine a community in which our nuclear family chooses togetherness, where we share in the world, pooling our resources*.  where there’s very little mine and yours, and it’s not just a he and a she, but it’s all of us together, sharing a generous life on common ground, respecting and celebrating one another.  like the one we fantasized about with bongos, farms and wine making.  i wonder…

there’s something else about this Depression that i love – it’s the appreciation for the Haves.  i rarely find myself considering have-nots anymore.  it’s generally always about what and who is present and how incredibly grateful i am for having more than i need.   my grandmother is right, we share a rich* life. 



*i do not mean money.

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