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capital assclown and friends

April 17, 2009

i deviate from all things veggie fabulous for a moment…

wednesday, i spent the afternoon breaking into accolades of hilarity after reading a comment on Facebook referring to the Tea Baggers.   ahhhhhh…. the Tea Baggers, this brings to mind a certain slang reference that is relatively in line with my opinion of most of the persons taking a stance in this Tea Bagging protest for the wrong reasons. 

before i go further into my rant, and for clarity’s sake, the concept of the Tea Bag protest has a powerful message which basis premises i can support, should one take the time to really consider its meaning.  there’s something to the Ron Paul anti-federalism, the old school Republicans (which are not at all present in the new Republican party or the Dems, in all fairness), constitutional fundamentals, right on.  i am entirely on board with those ideas.  if it were a Ron Paul vs. Obama faceoff, my vote would have gone to Ron Paul, regardless of how happy i am with Obama (unquestionably the lesser of two evils in the 2008 Big Politics Showdown).  i don’t pledge allegiance to politicians or political parties, again, regardless of my happiness with the Obamas.  i’m a theory girl.  i like ideas.  i like good policy.  i like fairness.  i like equality.  i like separation of church and state.  i don’t like war.  i think you know where i stand.

as the headlines of Tea Bagging screeched across my desktop wednesday, my first annoyance was recounting the highfalutin email i received about a month ago from the Uber Rich family friend.  you see, she’s rich nowadays, so she’s highly Republican, because those liberal Dems, particularly the young inexperienced ones, are going to misappropriate her tax dollars.  excuse me, her husband’s tax dollars, because she, of course, quit working when she married Mr. River Oaks.  and, her argument makes sense, because clearly age, wealth and political experience yeild good, ethical, policy making and decisions (citing by way of example, various political corruption schemes that came to light under Bushie and, of course, Wall Street), right?  …i digress.  back to this email, it was not the first inflammatory Republican, marginally racist, email i had received from her.  most were received during the campaign trail and rarely opened out of lack of respect for the sender’s point of view in these cases.  what burns me most about her Republican “values” and passion for Tea Bagging is that her friend, Bushie McShrub, was hands down the least fiscally conservative, sorry excuse for a President as they come (this is uncontroverted regardless of where you sit on the political spectrum, if you choose to remain in your position that Bush was good President, grow up and admit wrongness here, it’s ok, it’s been proven.  i’m not always right either.  again, i digress.  shit.).   back to Ms. Uber Rich – if you believe in conservative spending, why exactly were you Bushie’s Superfan?  i mean really, what do you stand for other than your richness?  you will not hurt from a 3% tax increase.  wall street fucked the middle class, and you likely helped them.  if the middle class fails, we all fail, citing the fall of the Roman empire here.  the US must recover, you can afford to contribute.  get over it.  also, in case you don’t understand, you are not required to live in this country.  but if you choose you live here, you must pay taxes.  i pay a lot of taxes too, and paid large sums to the Bush administration for things i do not support.  your dollars are not protest worthy, nor are your SUVs, mulitple ginormous energy sucking houses, or frivolous shopping habits.  for you, the educated, selfish, elitist, Tea Bagger, i have no tolerance.  i can laugh as your asinine-ness, however, when i call you a Tea Bagger (it still provokes a laugh as i type this today – ha!).

the uneducated, “moral,” ReShrublican Tea Bagger, i won’t point fingers here, but sadly, there are huge numbers in these masses too.  they are good people and they deserve better than the chocoloate covered shit bag their lack of understanding is sold on a daily basis.  i am somewhat bothered by their passion for a position they pledge allegience to without caring to become educated about, but i accept it for what it is.  they hear some wildly Faux assertion supported by their church, their workplace, their unresearched family, friends, or neighbors with a finger pointed at the Evil Liberals and decide to become part of the mindless herd.  we all have the freedom to choose.  i take a deep breathe and let it go when i see these guys blaming the Evil Liberals for the 2008 taxes they had to pay and government bailouts, completely ignorant to the fact that it was Their Guy who’s policies accumulated said issues (AIG was given by Bushie – hello!?!).  it’s too ignorant to begin to explain to this passionate bias.  it’s less infuriating than it is Sad.  the Ignoramus are also easy to laugh at when i think of them as Tea Baggers.   

it’s Captain Assclown, TX Gov Rick Perry (Bushie McShrub’s Lt. Gov. prior to his Reign as President War Spender!!! ) who’s actions yesterday when he called for a Succession of the Republic of Texas makes my laughter stop.  wow.  what an obnoxious political stunt. 

as for tea, i am a fan of Green, Black, and Chamomile, myself.  unsweetened.  loose leaf.  i make it with my stove top tea kettle and french press coffee maker.  it’s so nice.

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