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don’t look like i care

April 2, 2009

conversation with my CFO today is a prime example of my point about what i have to offer animal rights and environmental advocacy –

[chief] – can i ask you a personal question?  


what did you do with the wellness mailer we sent to your house last week?  

lie-smirk spreads across my face as i decide how to tell the truth.

well, i haven’t read it yet.  i think it’s in my kitchen.”  pause  

“it says something that it didn’t make the auto junkmail toss to the recycle bin.*  if it had come by email i would have already read it.  i intend to read it when i do my mail, probably this weekend.”    * watch this legway, my friends 

he laughs.  ok that’s exactly what i was wondering.”  turns to walk out.

“chief, i do have a suggestion.  i’m not sure who to run it by exactly…”  

“oh?”  walking back in.

“i realize it’s expensive to put recycle containers in every single office but what if we gave everyone one of these xerox boxes to slide under thier desk where they can collect the recyclables* and dump in the main bin when necessary.”  

smiling, i pull my xerox box out for demonstration.

“hold on, i’ll be right back.”


“now, what did you say?  you don’t look like you care about the environment…”

and this is how i became the head of the environmental-consciousness encouragement committee.

i am apparently quite opinionated lately b/c this is the 2nd committee list i’ve made at work in the past week.  humph.


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