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factoids [updated 4.1]

March 31, 2009

things i find interesting courtesy of the 4/3/09 issue of The Week magazine…

The Environmental Protection Agency declared global warming a threat to human health, the first step toward nationwide regulation of carbon-dioxide emissions. The decision lays the legal groundwork for restrictions on emissions from automobiles and utilities. During the Bush administration, EPA scientists had recommended regulating CO2, but were overruled by then–agency chief Stephen Johnson.

they have been saying for some time that climate change poses a substantial threat to human health.  huh.  i tried to find a list of other things deemed threats to human health by the EPA but i guess it’s not that simple.

One in five military-age Americans is too fat to join the armed services. Though recruiters are scrambling to fill quotas, the military has turned away 48,000 overweight applicants since 2005—a number greater than all the U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan.

20%?  wow.  a quick google search shows a similar problem with the germans.  the germans blame the beer.  the americans point to fast food addictions.  sad.


Michelle Obama, who broke ground on a plot for vegetables last week, is not the first White House gardener. John Adams defrayed the cost of feeding guests with his own vegetable garden. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s vegetable garden helped inspire 20 million World War II “victory gardens,” which produced 40 percent of the nation’s produce.

bringing back fresh organic vegetables to the white house lawn.  she’s also going to host beehives!  the coolest.  i heart Obamas.

UPDATED 4.1.09 … forgot about one of the coolest factoids from my issue of The Week…  still love the Obamas, but i love this more:

More than a dozen students at Mundelein High School outside Chicago are experimenting with simplifying their lives by going without one modern convenience every month. Last November they gave up sugar and eating at chain restaurants; in December they swore off television. In January they wrote only on used paper, and last month they avoided buying anything that couldn’t be recycled. Currently, they are doing without cell phones and in April, it’s the Internet. Nathen Cantu, one of the students, said he and his friends are learning much about self-reliance. “There’s a pride to saying ‘no’ to things,” he said.

what better way to feel out how to best live your life and live simply than by experimenting with removal of one modern convenience per month?  awesome.   what a smart teacher at Mundelein HS.   my current household may very well be the last house i have w/ cable television.  ahhh… the dream.   i am finding my quality of life improves when i forgo filling my evening ours with the worthless shit i watch on tv or eyes glazing over looking at internet i don’t need and instead picking up a book – a library book, at that.

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