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lettuce wraps

March 26, 2009

last night i surveyed my veg share and my pantry and decided not to let the lettuce go bad.  here’s what i threw together for dinner(s):

1 zuchinni

1 yellow onion

1 pkg white button mushrooms

1 can water chesnuts

1 pkg tempeh

bragg’s amino spray

siracha sauce

tamari (it’s way better than regular soy sauce.  Way.)

romaine lettuce leafs

after washing the veggies i prepped them and finely sliced in my food processor (including the water chesnuts).  i sliced the tempeh, expecting it to be more firm.  heated olive oil and tossed in my slices.  added the seasonings, heavy on the siracha sauce.  as it cooked it began crumbling up.  interesting, being my first hand in dealing with tempeh.  slowly i added the veggies allowing each ingredient to cook so that it timed right.  onions, zuchinni, mushrooms.  when the veg were ready, i added the chopped water chesnuts.  

[done best while snacking on raw cashews]

scooped into romaine.  mmm…..

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