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food politics

March 26, 2009

this whole gardening thing is getting fun, now i also get politics?  wow.  not only are they politics, they aren’t about red and blue.  this political issue is about all people.  suh.weet.

what occurred to me a few weeks ago is how much i enjoy getting my food from people who love food.  the veg share, the FM pickups, these people love the product they are pushing and the product is good.  from what i know of factory farming and “government food standards” i’d rather not no longer have the option of buying from these people.  

so today i called my congress-folk about HR 875 and S 425.  it was super easy.  took maybe a total of 7 minutes to call all 3 to register an opinion.  

this bill is probably coming from the right place, food safety, but the target is all wrong.  it’s too broad.  it imposes too many government controls for the independents to exist as they are.  the target is skewed.

i don’t want to get all conspiracy theorist on this.  i do think it’s worth mentioning, however, that these kinds of “shut out the little guy” regulations were the birth of factory farms and the death of all the others.  not a risk worth taking for me.

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