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March 25, 2009

i have hypothesized some goals but should get a checklist going so that i can measure some progress, or otherwise motivate myself to get cooking [ha] on these goals:

1)  FOOD:  there are several things i want to cook, but here are the chart toppers –

  • meatless chik’n fried _______.  goal is not related to health, it’s all about veganly satisfying the boneless buffalo junk food craving.  thinking seitan.  should have all ingredients at home.  it’s about the crust and the sauce.
  • chaana masala.  have the recipe, can of chickpeas, and (now i have) a functional can opener.  getting closer.
  • snausages – been eyeing these bad boys for a while.  not sure what the appeal is, but this pizza looks fab-o.  wish i could find teeseat a local* grocer.  from what i read, it sounds like it could be a winner on the faux cheese front.

2)  FAMILY:  easter without sacrifice.  ugh.  i’m hosting this season.  i am notpreparing a traditional [carcass] nor will my oven be hosting one for multiple hours leaving carcass smell in my house for weeks to come.  sorry.  i have tactfully not picked any battles at family holidays but here’s where i draw the line.  i will cook a beautiful meal, it can be pot luck per normal.  i am happy as a clam (whatever that means) so long as a carcass ain’t simmering in my oven.  need to pull out V’con.

3)  EARTH: 

  • compost.  compost.  compost.  i have checked out the books from my library*  i need to get reading and put the plan into action. 
  • i have started to feel marginally guilty about doing so much consuming, particularly when it involves shipping and packaging my single order (too much online shopping, maya), could be found second hand without packaging, or borrowed.* 
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