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vegetarian junk food 101

March 23, 2009

in an ideal world i would never eat a processed food.   how lovely a world that would be.  while i do manage to steer clear for the most part, since going Veg i have surveyed a sampling of some of the craving-curer, convenience foods out there.  here’s what i think, in order of preference:

1.  Amy’s Macaroni and Soy Cheeze – really fabulous comforty delicious.  not totally vegan since it contains caseinate.  of the soy cheezes out there, i’m yet to find one that is acceptable and doesn’t contain casein.  i try to avoid but sometime it happens.  it will likely happen again.  this product is really good.

2.  Morningstar Farms Buffalo Wings Veggie Wings – these guys really satisfied the “I want wings” feeling inside me.  they contain milk and egg ingredients.  boo.  i am going to challenge myself to find a homemade alternative.  until i do so, there is a good chance another box of these will find itself to my freezer.

3.  Lightlife Ground Taco / Burrito – because this one is totally vegan, it is probably getting higher marks than it should if we were going off of taste alone.  i was stoked to find this bad boy in the “i want tacos, i love tacos” phase of going veg.  if you add onion and bell pepper and heavy up on the spices, go light on the “meat,” and load up the veg delicious toppings of lettuce, pico de gallo, salsa, and guacamole, this makes for a pretty good taco substitute.  the second and third time i tried this i was less impressed.  again, i would like to find a home grown alternative to suit my taco needs.   in a pinch, i would buy this again.  if the feeling struck me.

4.  Lightlife Mushroom Burger – i tried this in my first few months of going Veg, before i realized you really have to pay attention to ingredients, even in the seemingly meatless items.  this is good but it contains egg whites.  i can’t think of a suitable reason to put egg whites into a mushroom burger so it gets low marks.

5. Morningstar Farms Veggie Bites – tasty.  contain milk and egg ingredients.  i liked the spinach and artichoke ones the best.  although i liked them, i can’t think of any good reason to buy them again.  here i’m thinking i might as well go for the old fashioned chemically infused tater tot if it’s frozen to crunchy ketchup dipping kind of junk i’m after. 

6.  Amy’s Texas Burger – not a fan.  think it’s the liquid smoke type of flavor that turns me off.  i salute that they are totally vegan and will likely try another variety when i’m moved to buy something like this again.  i will probably try Amy’s California Burger.

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