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March 23, 2009

the weekend was filled with fun in the sun, and not much time in the kitchen.  after last weekend’s rains, which i thoroughly enjoyed, i took advantage of being outdoorsy this weekend. 

i had another volunteer shift at the Discovery Green Market.  i sure do love Discovery Green.  this place is incredible.  Mayer White’s initiative has created a huge green space encompassing many $FREE$ family and dog friendly outdoor activities.  as i was driving to my shift, i had never seen downtown Houston so alive on a weekend.  there was a bike ride, a 5K fun run, something happening at the sports arena, something going on a the convention center,  a Persian New Year’s festival happening outdoors.  and our little market in the middle of all this activity.    would you believe that we were selling ready to eat organic avocados at 3/$1.25?  it was truly a gorgeous day!

now, don’t get me wrong here, i love volunteering for the sake of doing good for another, meeting new people with similar interests as me, and talking up veggies to people unsure of how to use our great take homes.  but i have to admit – i was most looking forward to my shift in order to enjoy another scoop of Trentino Gelato.  last time i had the raspberry sorbet and this week i had lemon.  i’ve been hearing rumblings of flavors like lemon basil, ginger, and beer (but not together).  

i am relishing in my taste for Indian food… mmm… Indian food, how I long to eat more of you.  at the market yesterday i sampled many of the products of Nisha’s Quick N Ezee Indian Food.  the man kept insisting i try it all.  um, ok.  so long as it wasn’t chicken i let him fill me right up.  oh man.  i was thrilled to see a recently found favorite, Chaana Masala available for take home.   ooh la la.  i’m a happy girl when there’s Indian food in my kitchen.  at heavy $5 price tag, i am more than motivated to create my own thanks to a recipe sent to me from a Veg friend.   don’t tell Nisha but i like mine more on the spicier side.   i will update you once i’ve had a chance at it in my kitchen. 

moving beyond gluttony, i was thrilled this week to learn of the Recipe for Success Foundation.  these chefs are doing great things at our inner city schools in teaching children healthy cooking and gardening.  i’m blown away excited by this program.

a comment made by a woman at a meeting last week has stayed with me.  she introduced herself by saying that she had been raised in a suburb of Houston and graduated years ago from Rice University.  all her friends who were even remotely progressive could not get out of Houston quickly enough post-graduation.  she, on the other hand, has never wanted to leave Houston.  although quite different from most of them, she enjoys being close to her family and the friends she’d known for so long.  rather, it is her hope and ambition to make Houston a place worth living.  this can be done with small positive changes and a strong community, she explained.  i couldn’t help but hear an echo in my memory of the commitment i made to myself a few months ago.   interesting…

change is good.  so is community.  and Indian food.  and avocados and sorbet.

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