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a new voice

March 18, 2009

my mind is churning on so much new information, inspiration and ideas, it’s hard to string a logical story together but i will try. 

i am thrilled to say that i have found a meaningful-life type connection in H-town.  i’d like to say something like “it all started when…” but i think that would be mind-numbly repetitive for those who have read the posts in this blog.  what matters is this:  this week it works (!). 

monday night i attended a viewing of a documentary and met a vegan activist.  the documentary was interesting, although i had read about and seen most of the issues presented.   it’s always good to be reminded about what all of this veg stuff means.  i think the links she has gathered are worth a gander for all, particularly the section titled “Discussion of Local, Organic, Free Range, and “Humane” Labeling.”  her mention that the term “free range” in relation to eggs really means nothing at all was a surprise to me. 

another surprise, this time a feel good surprise, was the woman who spoke.    i was impressed with her poise and the love in the message she presented to advocate veganism.   i am excited to learn that there are groups of activists who are steering clear of the hate and violence associated with animal rights activists from the 70s.  it seems like the voice has really changed.  she has inspired me to consider what i might be able to offer the movement.  i should send her a thank you note.

what i have been thinking about since is my decision making process to go veg.  if i am considering advocacy in hopes of influencing even one person, i feel like i need to know my story more intimately.  honestly, my choice started in vanity.  i had struggled with my weight since puberty and cutting the fats worked.  but being the research geek that i am, i continuously seek out all the information i can find about this choice.  what i learned monday is that advocating for veg in the name of health / vanity is not effective.  at first, this struck me as bizarre.  they suggest raising awareness of what happens at factory farms with a message that eating meat causes unnecessary suffering is effective and all other arguments are distracting.  not only that, the subjectivity could actually solidify people in their aversion to considering the information.  spreading information about what goes on in delivering meat to the super market is unquestionably true and evokes emotion.  people do care.  they may not want to think about it but very few people actually support cruelty.  when i think more about why i will never go back, it’s what i know about factory farms that turned me off.  it affected me so much, in fact, that i emptied my kitchen of meat products and gave them to my family b/c i was too stricken to eat them anymore.  the images of all that suffering will never leave my mind.  it wasn’t vanity, it was compassion.  hmm.

tonight i have my first meeting with the Transition group.  it’s the first meeting for the local chapter.  i’m stoked to get in at the ground level.  the attendees are professors, gardeners, people who know a lot about permaculture(whaa?) and use terms like “peak oil” (again, whaa?).  i’m studying the hell out of it today so that i’m not a complete joker at the meeting.  i have so much to learn.  it’s going to rock my socks off, for sure.  what’s even cooler about tonight’s meeting is that it is being held at this groovy place, who i would also like to learn more about and get myself involved.

sunday i have my next volunteer shift.  when i showed up last time i was asked about my background and what had brought me to the co-op.  the woman who asked was all granola goddess beautiful.  in comparision there i stood, hair done, lipstick.  it felt like an interview i had not prepared for.  i’m a corporate lawyer, i told her.  obviously my background was not impressive.  i certainly did not want to tell her i worked in Big Oil.  thankfully the market picked up and as i got involved with discussing veggies and recipes with customers, we both knew i fit right in.  i left feeling whole and happy to have lent a hand and engaged in dialogue with good people.  i also knew i needed to work on my pitch, which is simple.  i have spent the last 10-12 years largely self obsessed in building my career.  now that i can sustain myself, i am in a position to give.  i am committed to doing what i can to  do better.  i am interested in joining efforts to influence change.

the air of positive change is circulating.  i’m thinking about giving my blog a revamp.   when i chose the addy “think outside the cage,” i had a lot of things in mind, all geared in the direction of what i have discussed in this post.  i’m tired of blogging about the self indulgent mundane complaints of work, politics and sorted relationships.  it may have taken me 1.5 years to get over myself, but i finally did.  thanks for listening.  now i’m going to shift the focus.  i’m going to edit and archive old posts so that i have a target and can start spreading information about my discoveries and experiences to a broader audience.

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  1. personalinsight permalink
    March 18, 2009 10:49 am

    I’m so happy that you’re so excited about all this neat new stuff. Good for you!

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