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garlic experiment

March 10, 2009

2 conditions – both allegedly curable with garlic.  i learn today that garlic is an antibiotic.  how fascinating.

i love the Prescription for Nutritional Healing.   i bought it last fall to try to understand AP’s conditions.  this book is incredible.  not only does it offer ways to cure virtually everything under the sun, it also gives a good dummied-down plain english explanation of what the condition is all about.  i cannot understand medicine but i can understand this book.  it offers a full range of suggestions for solutions for the conditions – herbs, supplements, teas, foods, topicals.  

i’m a big baby when i “don’t feel good.”  i’m also super paranoid about medical drugs (including tylenol people, self admitting to super paranoid, m’kay).  i’m not such a nut that i will sit in suffer in my paranoia… although i’ve yet to foreclose that that day may come… today is not that today.  so, today, Day 1 of suffering, i’m curious and stocked to try the prescribed nutritional healing, plus tylenol.  tomorrow, i may go seeking prescription antibiotics. 

who will win the Garlic, the Baby or the Halitosis?  we shall soon find out.

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