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cheap – cheap

March 10, 2009

evidence that i am becoming an even cheaper bastard:

1)  refusing to pay $48 for an unfamiliar, suburban, badly needed manicure/pedicure when i knew i could get the same service that meets my standards for quality and cleanliness for $30.

2)  doing my own pedicure because i did not have time to get to my $30 satisfaction guaranteed mani/pedi.

3)  the case of soy milk sitting at my house so that i could save 10%.

4)  the case of 3rd choice protein bars i also saved 10% by purchasing.  decided choices 1 & 2 were too expensive even with the discount.

5)  really considering ironing, ironing, so as to avoid dry cleaning expenses.  deciding to try a cheaper dry cleaner when it becomes must-have time.

6)  researching and deciding to buy all occasion boxed set stationery so that i am prepared for all my card giving needs without having to spend $4-$5 on each one.  even Crane & Co. stationery works out cheaper than Hallmark or the drug store cards (geez!).

7)  deciding gift wrap is now called old copies of my WSJ.

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  1. sarahmae permalink
    March 10, 2009 9:39 pm


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