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people helped – 1

February 25, 2009

AP Phase 1 seems to be (finally) falling into place.  i am ready to close it out this weekend and begin Phase 2.  i knew this process would be slow.  as painstaking as it’s been, i’m glad to have made my decisions as i did.  my expectations seem to be spot on as far as timing goes.  i’m hoping Phase 2 will work well over the next 6 months. 

the zoo has proven to be too beaurocratic to take me up on my offer to help them in the realm of soon.  while i still hold out hope that they will enlist my services, at the pace they move, we are likely to run short on months left in the year to satisfy the volunteer hour requirements.

soon i will begin working with the Central City Co-Op.  it took them a matter of hours to accept my offer.  the Co-Op gets me excited for a few reasons:  1)  all the veg are Locally Grown and Organic;  2)  orders can be placed weekly, with no commitment necessary for future orders;  3) my farmer’s market, which i love to pieces and will not likely be giving up, is not 100% local and organic;  3)  the CSAs do not drop off closeby my house, plus the shares were not apportioned well for 1 person, and required an ongoing commitment;  4) my volunteer time will give me credit to free organic veggies.  how sweet is this? 

i’ve been learning about all kinds of immediate need based projects through the Transition Houston website. 

i’m also presented with tons of opportunity to get involve by the folks at the Make It Green Houston (Houston’s recent spinoff of Green Drinks)

my give back goal for this year is off to a slow start.  i’m happy to have made some progress with the High Priority help AP needs.  i’m ready, though, to get involved in my community.  while i’ve yet to actually go and give, it seems the legwork has been accomplished.

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