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vegan beeswax

February 12, 2009
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this little number  questioning how vegans feel about honey invokes a spirit of research in me.  i encourage you to take a gander…

this is a prime example of how difficult i find vegan.  i’ve been reading about veganism with quite an effort for over a year and i am constantly discovering new things.  what’s good about this for me is new things = much pleasure.  however, i think it’s accurate to say that the magnititude of living completely animal bi-product-less is an enormous undertaking and the more i read the more i find out i have more to read. 

me, i’m not a vegan.  not sure i ever will be but i like the mission.  the step by step process has been satisfying for me.  in each day, each meal, each circumstance i try to make the best choice for me.  after reading a ton about health and factory farms i decided to lose the meat (excepting seafood from the “meat” category) and do my best at losing the dairy (including eggs).  i also decided that my kitchen is 100% vegan.  this year, i’m concentrating on less fish.  some days, i decide a touch of dairy is ok.  i do what works for me without guilt and i think that’s why i continue to feel good about my choices.  most of the time my eating is near vegan… semantics.

as for the Bees, i do not know where i stand but i worry about them sometimes and i find the discussion interesting.  i don’t buy honey but not really because i’m working at vegan living.  i’m not much of a sweets girl.  i’ve never been in a habit of buying honey.  since aligning with vegans, when i encountered recipes that called for honey and i have chosen a more vegan friendly substitute, reasoning that what i had read encouraged other products while touting “Save the Bees.”  however, in the above link they make a good case about supporting the bee farmers by buying their honey.  no doubt that my veggie goodness needs the bees.  no doubt that saving the bees includes encouraging their reproduction.  no doubt i’d rather have some honey than take a drug if it will relieve an allergy. 

as for the bugs, i don’t kill bugs much.  the reason being i don’t often encounter the choice of whether to kill a bug or put it outside.  i get creeped out by the popping sound it makes when you step on a bug.  i also get creeped out by the point of origin of the blood left on my arm if i swat and kill a mosquito that has landed on me.   ain’t no chance i’m escorting a roach outside – that sucker is dying.  i do not nor will i put out bug baits.  if i find myself in a situation where my house is contaminated with bugs, the bugs will go, and i will not escort each one outside and place it delicatly on a grassy knoll and bid it farewell.  my feelings behind all of those statements, however, are not related to being vegan.  as for an argument based on the “rights” of insects, i’m also not enticed.   

moral eating, ethical spending, etc., are all interesting concepts to me.  all leaving so many things to consider.  that must be why i like reading all these veg blogs so much.

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  1. February 12, 2009 6:19 pm

    Great post. Props to you for your research and desire for knowledge!

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