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home for the holidays

December 28, 2008

the holidays this year were great.  on my mind tonight… 

HOME:  i loved being at my home.  i loved hosting christmas morning brunch.  i loved that so many people visited my home over the past few days.  i even had my favorite Kiddo here.  nothing more delightful that watching his gut wrenching laugh as Sampson retrieved every time he threw the stuffy, over and over again.  my house feels like me, it was awesome to share that with so many that i love.   i have been projecting* – i am again INSPIRED**!  thankfully, i have 8 fingertips left that are not sliced up after deciding to take on matting and framing artwork.  it turned out so good i have to share:



FOOD:  i cooked.  and cooked.  and, after getting some rather dismal news, i cooked some more.  all this cooking was wonderful.  though i did not calculate into the time equation my challenged short term memory, new recipes, and prep of loads of new ingredients***.  i learned tons of new food things.   the dishes totally rocked!  my christmas eve enchiladas and christmas morning brunch were fabulously vegan dishes courtesy of the recipes by the fabulous Portland(!) chefs who author Veganomicon****.   i cannot wait to get their other cookbooks.  so fab!  

i got some perty table linens to dress the table (hoping guests do not notice the otherwise emptiness of the room), see here with Sampson:


and here, with food and loved ones:


i pulled out some old go-to comfort food recipes for drop off – homemade lasagna*****, orgasmic mushroom soup (yes, i used orgasm and mushroom together there, it’s fucking awesome!), and spinach and artichoke dip for munching.  yummy. 

pretty sure i’ve packed on 5 pounds…  tis the season.  good thing i’ve found two kickass **hatha classes to add to my Divine 09 yoga schedule.

FAMILY:  each and every crazy, incredible, beautiful one of them (and i’m including myself in this equation).  there was so much family, it was awesome.  everyone was a little crazier, a little funnier, and a little less drunker this year.  taking grandma (on her 80th!!! birthday) to church, and a liberal kind of church at that, was nuts.  the music was awesome and i treasured listening to her sing.  christmas felt like a bit of my own this year, filled with the familiar laughter and enjoyment of one another.      

AP’s sister flew him up to spend the holidays with her family.  despite the critical way she spit her “i can’t bear the thought of him spending another holiday alone” guilt bullshit at me, i am super grateful he could spend it with her family.  she and her husband offered their home to him until he finds work.  what a cute little twist.  i feel relieved that they are going to give him help i cannot provide.  i am also worried about the escape this provides him on dealing with the other stuff.  the stuff he likes being in denial about.  this option is good and i encourage him to take it.  at the same time, i don’t look forward to being the voice of reason about the other stuff.  sigh… we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. 

we got some news that was very sobering to me… errrr… it induced the “patron reaction” in me, although no patron was in sight that night.  news of a good friend’s mother’s imminent death shoved the scary reality of parent-child role reversal into my face.  this role reversal has been heavy enough with AP, but to realize AP is not that isolated an event, this is happening amongst my inner circle.  wow.  it really slammed it home for me.  this loss has been substantial on the family.  so sad to see her pass.  we joined our forces together to comfort our friends, our family. 

E returns from LA on monday night.  i want him home.  i’ve missed him.  i’ve been sleeping in his tshirt…  smiling and nodding head. 

DIVINE 09:  awaits us, it’s here! and i am stoked!  we were right about the great 08, but there’s even more on the horizon with 09.  i’ve been thinking about the next legs of my marathon…  so far i’ve come up with: enhance my community giving, save more, eat less fish, ramp up my yoga to 4x/week, take 2 week long vacations somewhere new, and learn to surf on one of those vacations.  should be a good mix. 

one more pic of Sampson, in case you missed it above:


*thank God my phone-a-friend on accompanyment to Hobby Lobby worked!  the recall of the childhood hell experiences of going to Hobby Lobby with mom did not help me get excited to go get my crafties.  thankfully, Smarty knew of a Hobby Lobby in town that involved no crowds, parking lot nightmares, and bad little kids screaming and running everywhere, parents oblivious.  we laughed and laughed, even had the cashier cracking up, as we compared OK to TX Hobby Lobby hauntings.  way. funny. shit.

***ooh, and this reminds me that i just learned the farmer’s market has re-opened.  yea!!!  my bank account is already feeling better too.

****my experience is that this cookbook assumes you are not a beginner vegan chef.  i had to cross reference my How to Cook Everything Vegetarian in order to prepare some of the ingredients.  the “orgasmic mushroom soup” comes from this book although i think they call it mushroom stew.

*****this was the first time i’ve cooked with meat since deciding to go veg.  when i was choosing the dishes to take, it wasn’t about me, it was about cooking good comfy food to satisfy my family in a time of grieving.  my lasagna will give anyone at least 20 seconds of pleasure, hands down.  prepping the meat didn’t gross me out but i didn’t want to eat it either.  it was a good exercise to find out where i stand.  i’d like to keep my kitchen vegan, excepting only for certain situations like this.  but my veg choice was not a factor in preparing meals filled with love, comfort and well wishes for those i care about so much.

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  1. personalinsight permalink
    December 29, 2008 9:46 am

    LOVE the art work. It’s beautiful. I think it’s really something to have your art work surrounding your grandfather’s art. It definitely runs in the family. I’m so happy that you had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends. I will see you in a few days. Love you

  2. sarahmae permalink
    December 31, 2008 10:05 pm

    Fuckin A, YAY gf!!! Ride the wave, as far and as high as it will take you… I’ll be right next to you…. to guide you through HL on a Saturday!! 😉 So love you.

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