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prepping for a vegan thanksgiving

November 16, 2008

mmmmmmmm… is what all my friends (errr, guinea pigs) said in reaction to the end product of my thanksgiving trial run experiment.  i have been struggling with getting into the spirit of the great family turkey dinner.  the family part will rock but the meal part is where i’ve been feeling a bit gaggy.  this will be my first thanksgiving as a vegetarian.  as sweet as it was for Momma to offer a faux turkey option to set on the dinner table next to the real deal, it didn’t excite me.  i vowed to hide and get over my funky attitude about turkey day, and find some super delish menu items to contribute to the family affair.  i may not be on a mission to convert people into vegans but if i can introduce new food combinations to people, i’m doing good.  afterall, this whole diet transistion has been an incredible learning ex.  i’ve found some great recipes.  this year i’ll be serving Mushroom and Asparagus Pie and Zuchinni Potato Tart.

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